Successful NFV interim meetings held at ETSI as the ISG continues to push forward

Around 100 delegates made the trip to Sophia Antipolis in late September.

Summary of the week

The ISG made good progress toward closing the few remaining open issues in the current release of documents. Of the 167 open issues originally identified, 136 are now closed (about 81%).

With a few weeks remaining to NFV#8 in Arizona, we should be in good shape to close the remaining issues by the opening of the meeting. While closing open issues remains our number one priority, issues that cannot be resolved can be captured in the ISG gap analysis document for resolution in ongoing work.

In its first two years, the NFV ISG will have published 17 documents containing roughly 900 pages of text build through contribution and consensus. This is a significant achievement for such a relatively new standards group and reflects the level of interest and dedication of the participants.

Looking forward, I would note that the ISG has already succeeded in that there are now active NFV related standardization programs underway in several industry bodies external to the NFV ISG, (3GPP SA5, TMF, BBF, etc.) as well as various open source projects (OPNFV, OpenStack, OpenDaylight, etc.).

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