Standardization request in support of safe & trustworthy artificial intelligence

The EUROPEAN COMMISSION (EC) has sent a first draft of a standardization request (SR) to the European Standardization Organizations in support of safe and trustworthy artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) should be a tool for people and be a force for good in society with the ultimate aim of increasing human well-being. ETSI and CEN, CENELEC have indicated that the work covered by the request falls within their area of competence.

In ETSI, OCG AI will co-ordinate comments on the SR AI while the resulting technical work will be performed in the appropriate technical committees. At this stage, the European Commission does not expect ESOs to develop Harmonised Standards, since the AI Act is not yet adopted by the European Parliament and Council, but the work can contribute later to such necessary Harmonised Standards.

ETSI members are strongly encouraged to join OCG AI. Dedicated calls will be organized by OCG AI before the EC deadline for comment (30 June 2022) and will be shared on the OCG AI mailing list. ETSI members are invited to provide comments via the template for comments included in document OCGAI(22)000036 (accessible for ETSI members only). More details regarding the process are included in document OCGAI(22)000037 (accessible for ETSI members only) [“How will the draft SR on AI will be handled” presented during the last meeting].

After the comments are considered by the EC, the SR will be formally sent to the ESOs for agreement, however ETSI preparations are of course ongoing already.

Please also see our technology page on Artificial Intelligence.

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