NFV ISG tutorials filmed at NFV#11 in San Jose

During their 11th Plenary in San Jose, California, ETSI ISG NFV Officials and Working Group chairs provided an overview of the group's achievements to date (Phase 1: 2013-2014) together with a snapshot of the ongoing Phase 2 work due for completion early 2016.

This was done in the form of a set of 6 short tutorials, each presented by a Working Group Official. Telecom TV was present and filmed these tutorials which are now available as a good overview for NFV newcomers.

See the 6 videos here...

ETSI NFV#11 - NFV ISG Background & Overview

Michael Brenner, Vice-Chair, ETSI NFV ISG
talks through the background and overview of the NFV ISG. The success over the past few years in Phase 1 is also covered and structure and methodology is outlined going forward.

ETSI NFV#11- Reliability & Availability (REL) Working Group

Marcus Schoeller, Chair Reliability Working Group
introduces us to the Reliability and Availability working group. The results of Phase 1 are covered and we look forward at
Phase 2.

ETSI NFV#11- IFA/MANO Working Group

Mehmet Ersue, Vice-Chair of IFA Working Group with Rapporteurs Peter Wörndle, and Francois-Frederic Ozog
talk through the achievements of Mano in Phase 1,  look  forward to the IFA Working Group in Phase 2 and overview acceleration advantages.

ETSI NFV#11- Security (SEC) Working Group

Igor Faynberg, Chair SEC Working Group
While NFV has its issues security wise, overall it actually presents some unique opportunities to address security problems, says Igor Faynberg. That seemed like an overstatement three years ago, but has been proven correct and the SEC group’s approach has been to ensure platform security first: “If we make that secure everything else can be built on to top,” he says. Lawful interception, however, is as yet an unsolved problem.

ETSI NFV#11- Evolution and Ecosystem (EVE) Working Group

Thinh Nguyenphu, Chair of the EVE Working Group
The group has two tasks: looking forward to intercept new topics to advance the architecture, and to reach out to other groups to collaborate. Evolution and Ecosystem Working Group Chair, Thinh Nguyenphu, reports on progress.

ETSI NFV#11 - Testing (TST) Working Group

Francisco-Javier Ramon Salguero, Chair of the NFV TST WG
introduces us to the Testing, Experimentation and Open Source Working Group (TST WG). Looking at the need for the group, its performance in Phase 1 and the PoC framework.


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