Mobile Edge Computing was notably present at the MWC 2016

Mobile World Congress 2016 was busier than ever!

And Mobile Edge Computing was notably present at the event, on a lot more stands than in previous years. This certainly reflects the fact that meanwhile more than 60 companies have joined the ETSI MEC ISG.

I only could browse Hall 3, as I was tied to Nokia’s (my company’s) stand most of the time, but in there I saw a lot of demos already: on the Intel stand, on the China Mobile stand, on the Korea Telecom stand, in the GSMA Innovation City, and on the Nokia stand.

What I liked most is the partnering aspect that was very visible in most of these demos, with mobile operators, MEC platform vendors, and MEC application vendors teaming up to showcase innovation in a part of the mobile network that has traditionally been very self-contained.

So now let’s see some deployments!

Modernising the way packets are forwarded
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