How much MEC progressed (Spoiler: quite a lot)

Hello again, and sorry for not writing so frequently. A lot of things happened in these busy months!

ISG MEC have updated some key Phase 2 specifications, and it is continuously progressing on the current Phase 3 work. I can only say “kudos” to the rapporteurs and actual leaders of this tremendous amount of work (you can find more information in the recent ETSI press release, and also details in this pdfshort summary.

The group participated also to a workshop jointly organized by GSMA OPG with ETSI MEC and 3GPP, where I had the pleasure to present with many other speakers the ETSI MEC work done so far in the area of MEC Federation, and the proposed way forward for the future collaboration. This pdfpresentation is also offering the ETSI MEC view of the SDOs mapping to cover the various interfaces of the Operator Platform architecture, and we hope it will help clarifying how the various standard organizations and open-source project can work complementarily, to deliver consistent standards in order to foster an open edge computing market.

I’m also very excited to being invited by INDICO to a couple of workshops on EU-JP and EU-KR cooperation for beyond 5G standards, where we presented the status of MEC work and had the opportunity to strengthen the collaboration between Europe with Japan and Korea. The group is now co-organizing a joint MEC Hackathon with LF Edge Akraino (yes, now it’s confirmed!), and I’m also very grateful to Bob (InterDigital) and Oleg (Equinix) for leading this effort, respectively from ETSI MEC and Akraino sides!

I don’t want to spoiler too much, ...  so, stay tuned!

ENI Release 3 underway
ENI Release 2

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