ETSI’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – Addressing European and Global Needs for ICT Standards

At one level, what ETSI does is quite complicated. Pulling together multiple stakeholders in Europe and internationally to create standards for complex ICT products and services requires planning and multi-layered processes; fair, open and transparent decision making; and a deep understanding of both the technologies themselves and the requirements of consumers, industry and governments that use them.

Under this umbrella, we can proudly say that we provide an open and fair forum for experts and stakeholders to come together to make standards that support Europe’s competitiveness and societal values. We have been doing this for just over 30 years.

We have along the way adapted to the reality of globalization. Developing standards for ICT in isolation is not possible. Our success with mobile communications demonstrates that the best standards will inevitably, sooner or later, be adopted across the world.  ETSI’s standards allow European innovators to attain the critical mass to be able to compete on the world stage and to lead in the construction of the global digital over 900 members from 65 countries, facilitates the uptake of European innovation and technology well beyond the borders of our continent.economy.

ETSI, as a multi-stakeholder consensus-based platform, provides flexibility and an ability to respond rapidly to developments at the European and international levels. Our inclusive approach to standard setting, with 

Our USP is fully in line with this approach: a double function of producing standards both to support EU policy and regulation on the one hand, as well as making standards for the global marketplace on the other.  And our objectives to promote Interoperability, portability and open ecosystems are critical to supporting EU policy objectives such as competitiveness, digital and industrial leadership, and innovation and growth. We are fully engaged and committed to supporting the EU’s ambitious plans for its digital future.

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