ETSI NFV Success Measures

NFV is happening and it’s big !! 

Some metrics were shared during NFV#10. And the result is amazing!

  • 100s of worldwide industry members and participants have produced more than 6000 contributions since day#1
  • More importantly Phase#1 specifications are being leveraged for real implementations
  • And we have accepted more than 35 multi-vendor POCs that prove NFV is happening for real!

As we progress Phase#2, not only attendance and contributions remain active but it is actually increasing.

  • We have a higher number of Work Items than in Phase#1
  • An increasing number of interactions with the outside (liaison)
  • A large number of external bodies referencing our work
  • A growing number of search result for “NFV” on Google search

And the list goes on … needless to talk about events, reports, products etc



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