The 7th UCAAT (User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing) was held at Bordeaux on 22-24 October 2019.

ETSI Technical Committee INT presented the pdfcurrent work on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Test Systems and Testing AI Models for Autonomic (Closed-Loop) Network Automation.

Artificial Intelligence Models (AI Models) are enablers for advanced intelligence in the Management and Control operations now strongly required for the evolving and future networks such as 5G Networks. AI algorithms bring benefits to diverse aspects in development and deployment of AI exhibiting systems such as Autonomic and Cognitive 5G networks and their associated Autonomic Management and Control (AMC) systems. This presentation covers the work launched under the ETSI TC INT AFI WG 5G PoC Program on “AI in Test Systems and Testing AI Models” articulated around the three following topics:

The following aspects are also covered by the presentation:

TC INT 2019 UCAAT presentation

The presentation “Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Test Systems, Testing AI Models and the ETSI GANA Model's Cognitive Decision Elements (DEs) via a Generic Test Framework for Testing ETSI GANA Multi-Layer Autonomics & their AI Algorithms for Closed-Loop Network Automation” can be downloaded via the UCAAT website.