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ETSI, with the partners and supporters of this event, wish to thank all the participants for their active part in this successful PlugtestsTM event in Livorno.

group picture

17th November 2016

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The ‘Port Innovation Workshop’ took place in parallel with the Plugtest. Workshop participants could explore the Plugtest exhibition corner and take a demo ride with the test vehicles.


The fleet of test vehicles, ready to take workshop participants on board:

Fleet of test vehicles

Workshop participants were dispatched to the test vehicles:

demo queue

Yogoko succeeded to make a secured journey on the test drive! On its way it loaded EA and AT certificates from its IPv6 enabled RSU and sent secured CAMs and verified secured DENMs received from other vehicles. The ISE PKI server received Yogoko’s certificate requests and issued the certificates, see screenshot below.


Today the main scope was to test the Mitigation of Tolling and ITS. RSUs broadcasted CAMs with ProtectedZone information. The test vehicles received the CAMs and reduced the Tx power when approaching the protectedZone. ActiveTollingzone

In a few words...


16th November 2016

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The Port of Livorno welcomes the Plugtest participants:


Nordsys attends the lab tests of the Plugtest:


Dynniq, Aricent and Yogoko attend with RSUs as well as OBUs:




Record-breaking 2km G5 hop distance - non-line-of-sight conditions:


Test sessions are scheduled every day. So far more than 300 tests have already been executed.



15th November

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Today some teams started to test use cases in secured mode. Security Certificates were provided by Escrypt and IDnomic:



The Ctag team attended the Security tests:


Neavia participated as well in the Securiy tests and they setup a brand new traffic light:



Today the RAI3 film team was at the Plugtest to film some use cases of the ‘Car of the Future’:


14th November

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All the test vehicles have arrived!

WP 20161114 09 31 54 Pro

Debrief of the drivers:

WP 20161114 09 40 27 Pro

The NXP team attend the Plugtest with their OBU solution:

WP 20161111 17 16 21 Pro

Debrief after the lunch break before heading out again:

IMG 20161114 134347476

Setup of ITS RSU with an integrated IoT sensor for ‘Human Presence on The Road’ Warning:

IMG 20161114 152950

The HMI of Kapsch:

Screenshot 2016-11-14-09-52-56

The driver receives an indication that lanes are closed:

IMG 2508

The Commsignia team provides OBUs and RSUs for the Plugtest:

WP 20161111 17 22 10 Pro

12th November 2016

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The deployment of all RSUs and traffic lights is ongoing.

Installation of Swarco and Siemens RSUs in the gantry of the FI-PI-LI highway. A lane of the highway will be closed and the RSUs will broadcast Road Works Warnings to indicate the road closure.

Swarco RSUs blog

Siemens RSU-blog

The Siemens team is ready for the RSU installation:

Siemens team blog

The Renesas team has completed the indoor mega session testing:

Renesas team blog

The Savari team before heading out to install their RSU in the test track:

Savari team blog


11th November 2016

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The Harbour Test Track is designed to contain 6 zones. In each zone a Use Case will be executed. Each use case has its dedicated GPS points (Stoplines, Traces, EventHistory etc).

blog pic1 11 nov

Today all RSUs are going to be installed on the test track. Installation of the CTAG RSU:


The traffic will be monitored and shown in real time in the Plugtests headquarter.
The CNIT team installs one of the sniffer devices:

sniffer installation CNIT for blog

The ITS Plugtest 2016 started today!

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It is the first outdoor ITS Plugtest conducted ever, and has been made possible by a cooperation of large scale stakeholders such as the Port of Livorno and the Tuscan highways and motorways.
ITS equipment will be deployed on a test track in the Port of Livorno as well as on the Tuscan highway. Furthermore there will be IoT in ITS showcases and the Port Innovation Conference 2016 takes place , see

scenario for blog

Over the next days more than 20 vendors are expected at the Cruise Terminal in Livorno, Italy.
Today Aricent, Ctag, Cnit, Commsignia, Itri, Marben, Nordsys, Renesas, Savari, Swarco, System X, Unex and Uni Reims have arrived.

ITS Plugtest Headquarter preparation

2016-11-09 Posted by Claire Gauthier 1302 Hits

The headquarter was prepared yesterday, each vendor has a dedicated area with power and network connectivity, thus allowing them to remotely control the RSUs installed in the test track.

room preparation

The complete network setup connects remote labs, the headquarter, the harbour test track and the highway test track.

topology for blog

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