Videos from ETSI Security Week 2017

Session 1: Return on Experience from TSPs, Implementers of Signature Applications and Relying Parties

ENISA studies on Standards for TSPs, presented by Evgenia Nikolouzou, ENISA

Migration of national PKI Services to eIDAS conformant Trust Services, presented by Dr. Sandor Szöke, Microsec

SK ID Solutions presentation by Kalev Pihl

H2020 Futuretrust, presented by John Shamah

Alias Lab presentation by Aldo Lo Castro

11 year PKI & trust service experience, presented by Thomas Kopp, Luxtrust

TSP return on experience, presented by Thibault Delvalroger, Docusign

Providing eIDAS qualified validation & remote signing, presented by Johan Borendal, Trustweaver

Roundtable session 1 on TSP & Implementer experiences, all Session 1 speakers

Session 2: How Legislation and Standards Work Together?

eIDAS lessons learnt and challenges ahead, presented by Gábor Bartha, DG CONNECT EC

Connecting Europe Facility's eSignature Building Block - Legislation and Standards, presented by Michaël de Boer, European Commission

Roundtable session 2: Everything You Ever Dreamed to Ask About Law and Never Dared to

Moderated by Riccardo Genghini, eWitness, ETSI TC ESI Chairman

Session 3: Return on Experience from Conformity Assessment Bodies, National Accreditation Bodies and Supervisory Bodies

Introduction of session 3 presented by the Session Chair, Olivier Delos, Sealed

Return on Experience from Conformity Assessment Bodies, presented by Arvid Vermote, EY

Conformity Assessment Bodies - T-Systems International GmbH, presented by Dr. Igor Furgel

Return on experience, presented by Romain Santini, FESA

eIDAS implementation: supervision in Estonia, presented by Mark Erlich, eID Interoperability Expert


Pannel discussion on return on experience from conformity & supervisory bodies


Conclusions of the Day, by Riccardo Genghini, eWitness, ETSI TC ESI Chairman