Videos from ETSI IoT week 2017

Welcome at ETSI IoT week

Enrico Scarrone, Workshop Chairman, TIM

Overview of ETSI IoT Activities

Presented by Luis Jorge Romero, ETSI Director General

oneM2M Update

Presented by Omar Elloumi, oneM2M Technical Plenary Chairman, Nokia

ETSI SmartM2M Overview

Presented by Enrico Scarrone, ETSI Smart M2M Chairman, TIM

Workshop Showcase Overview

Presented by Laurent Velez, ETSI Centre for Testing and Interoperability

Session 1: IoT World

IoT Standardization in ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC41

Presented by Wei Wei, IBM

EC Study on Interoperability for Demand Side Flexibility

Presented by Willem Strabbing, ESMIG

Cross-Domain Context Information Management for Smart Cities: using ETSI ISG CIM to Enhance oneM2M

Presented by Lindsay Frost, NEC

Questions & Answers - Session 1: IoT World

Session 2: Semantic Interoperability

oneM2M Semantic Interoperability

Presented by Joerg Swetina, NEC

SAREF Ontology & Roadmap

Presented by Laura Daniele, TNO & Raúl García-Castro, UPM

Web of Things – a Bridge to Broader IoT Ecosystem

Presented by Zhang Yongjing, Huawei

Session 3: System Interoperability

Cloud APIs for the Smart Home

Presented by Vincent Danno, Orange & Hans Werner Bitzer, Deutsche Telekom

Interoperability with oneM2M and the Inter-IoT Framework

Presented by Maite Bezunartea, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

SymbIoTe - Platform interoperability from the Smart Space to the Cloud

Presented by Gianluca Insolvibile Nextworks Srl

Smart City Interoperability: Torino - Berlin

Presented by Roberto Gavazzi, TIM & Joachim Schonowski, Deutsche Telekom

Panel Discussion: IoT Means Interoperability

Session 4: Connecting IoT - Part 1

Low Throughput Networks: an Approach to IoT Connectivity

Presented by Benoît Ponsard, Sigfox

Zigbee 3.0 and Dotdot Connecting the IoT

Presented by Jean-Pierre Desbenoit, Schneider Electric & Bruno Vulcano, Legrand

MulteFire: Addressed Connectivity Challenges of Industrial IoT

Presented by Shane He, Nokia

LoRa Alliance

Presented by Pascal Thubert, LoRa Alliance

Session 4: Connecting IoT - part 2

NB-IoT Services – From the Concept to the Roll Out

Presented by Thomas Kessler, Deutsche Telekom

LTE-M: LTE for Machines Now, Tomorrow and Beyond

Presented by Nicolas Damour, Sierra Wireless

Mobile IoT: the Roll Out of Commercial Networks

Presented by Barbara Pareglio, GSMA

Questions & Answers - Connecting IoT

Session 5: IoT Testing and Certification

Testing & Certification in oneM2M

Presented by JaeSeung Song, oneM2M Testing WG Chair, Sejong University

An Approach for Testing and Benchmarking IoT Security

Presented by Sara N. Matheu-García, University of Murcia

The Eclipse Open-Source IoT Test Ecosystem

Presented by Axel Rennoch, Fraunhofer FOKUS & György Réthy, Ericsson

Questions & Answers - Session 5 testing and certification

Session 6: Security and Privacy in IoT

Bringing cybersecurity to the IoT Age, The contribution of oneM2M

Presented by François Ennesser, Gemalto

Strong Data Privacy and Security for the IoT: Extending Access Control in oneM2M Systems with Attribute Based Encryption

Presented by François Ambrosini, STF529, IBIT Ambrosini UG

Supporting Privacy and Security of the Virtual Environment

Presented by Gil Bernabeu, GlobalPlatform

Security Needs for IoT, Now and in a 5G Future

Presented by Bertrand Moussel, SIMalliance

Panel discussion:  the IoT Security Challenges

Session 7: Developing IoT - Part 1

Harmonizing IoT Platforms Towards a Common Smart Cities Ecosystem: A Practical Example for Smart Destinations

Presented by Achille Zappa, Insight Centre

The Impact of the VICINITY EPI-IoT Project on the Ability to Scale Up Smart City Solutions and LSPs

Presented by Keith Dickerson, Climate Associates Ltd

Move Over Smart Buildings, Cognitive Buildings are Here and are Disrupting your Business

Presented by Sandra Gannon, IBM

H2020 Project MONICA: Management Of Networked IoT Wearables - Very Large Scale Demonstration of Cultural and Societal Applications

Presented by Steffen Ring, RING Advocacy ApS, MONICA Partner

Session 7: Developing IoT - Part 2

Strategy for Designing Scalable Architectures for Metrics Ingestion and Big Data Analysis

Presented by Samuele Vecchi, Kalpa srl

App-ID Registry: Addressing the IoT Identity Crisis

Presented by Ian Deakin - iconectiv

Questions & Answers - Developing IoT

Panel discussion: Opportunities & Challenges for Accelerating the IOT Success

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