Femtocell Plugfest 3

ETSI PlugtestsTM organised this third Femtocell Interoperability Test Event from 17 – 24 June 2011 in Lannion. The organization of the event resulted from a co-operation between ETSI and the Femto Forum and was supported by 3GPP members. The tests were based on ETSI/3GPP Technical Specifications.

Interoperability testing of femtocell technology can cut across several domains, including Broadband Access (as a high speed wireless home access technology), Applications (as a convergeance technology supporting home network applications and services) and next generation networks (as a radio network technology with its close relation to LTE).

The test plan for this event aimed to test the interoperability of femtocell HNB (Home NodeB) and HNBGW (Home NodeB Gateways) equipment from all key vendors to verify the 3GPP’s Iuh interface. All femtocell equipment was connected to Orange’s Integration Network which allowed to conduct the interoperability tests at system integration level. Consequently, this event was performed under the NGN area of SA/ETSI/ENTR/000/2008-07 section 7.4.1.

In addition, test scenarios from the 1st UMTS FemtoCell Plugfest related to the security aspects of the interworking between HNB and SeGW (Security Gateway) equipment were explicitly included into the test plan. Running those tests was seen as an essential pre-requisite to testing the HMS - HNB procedures.
The experiences and feedback of this event will definitely improve the role of Femtocells in seamless roaming between the mobile and fixed environment both at home and at the work place.

This activity was supported by the European Commission.