oneM2M: On Management, Abstraction & Semantics

Join us for an in-depth overview of oneM2M, the standards it has developed, and find out why oneM2M will be key to the sustainable development of the Internet of Things!

This 4th webcast in the series introducing oneM2M, the global standards initiative for machine to machine communications and the Internet of Things, will be presented by Dr. Yongjing Zhang.

It will address how oneM2M covers Management, Abstraction and Semantics (MAS), which are the key enabling capabilities for hiding the heterogeneity and providing high level interoperability for the variety of M2M/IoT devices and applications. The topic is under the major responsibility of oneM2M MAS WG.

We will introduce to you:

  • The concepts of M.A.S. and their relationships
  • The common service capabilities provided as M.A.S.
  • The architecture design and the protocol mapping for M.A.S.
  • The vision and evolution of oneM2M on M.A.S.

Dr. Yongjing Zhang is a Standard Research Project Lead of Carrier Software Business Unit at Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, responsible for telco service related standard activities, innovation research as well as product planning. His professional areas include SIP/IMS, Messaging, Personal Network, Device Management, and most recently M2M/IoT and Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

Among his active participation in several standard organizations, he is now serving as the chairman of the oneM2M MAS (Management, Abstraction & Semantics) Working Group.