Connectathon 2013

Scope & Achievements

The 2013 Connectathon event was held in Istanbul, Turkey from 15-19 April 2013. This event was organized by IHE-Europe however ETSI Plugtests actively contribute and participate in the event.
The Connectathon is a ‘connectivity marathon’ during which systems exchange information with complementary systems from multiple vendors, performing all of the transactions required for the roles they are implementing. The primary objective of Connectathon 2013 was to test different IHE profiles form several different domains.

This event attracted 102 different healthcare systems with 76 companies and institutions. In total there were 330 participants from 21 countries who tested new healthcare systems. More than 2300 tests for interoperability over medical information systems were performed.

The ETSI activity focused on the PIX profile from the IT infrastructure domain with both the tests and the test system that were enhanced with respect to previous years as well as the new tests for the PDQ profile. The objective was to demonstrate once again the capabilities of TTCN-3 based technology for testing eHealth systems. ETSI was able to bring our unique experience and tools, based on our Interoperability Best Practices, to this important community. The results and experience were once again very well received as testified by many participants who tested with ETSI during this event.
This year the new capability to perform the PIX profile tests remotely over the network was successfully established. The results are encouraging and this capability should be further developed and will be used in future events.

During the entire CONNECTATHON a total of 2314 interoperability tests were carried out and of these 2211 passed (96%). 58 integration profiles and 102 systems were tested in several domains (Radiology, Cardiology, IT Infrastructure, Laboratory, Pharmacy and Patient Care Coordination) by 85 companies bringing together over 330 engineers as well as 50 monitors. This included a parallel Projectathon for the Europe Patient Smart Open Services (epSOS). This involved engineers from Croatia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia and Switzerland testing systems, mostly based on the open NCP (National Contact Point developed on open source license), ahead of joining the large-scale pilot program supported by the European Union for cross-border exchanges of medical data for mobile patients.

In addition to the on-site testing performed at the 2013 IHE Europe Connectathon the new capability to perform the PIX profile tests remotely over the network was successfully established and proposed to companies registered for the Connectathon 2013. The testing procedure is comparable to what takes place during a Connecthathon. The added benefit for vendors to conduct remote testing is the ability to conduct tests in the comfort of one’s own work environment. The use of remote testing would help vendors prepare for an upcoming Connecthathon testing event and may contribute to overall better testing results.
Two companies used this opportunity and successfully completed several tests. As in normal Connectathon tests several retries were needed. Some problems were related to firewall setup, some were genuine PIX profile problems and that had to be fixed in order to pass the tests.

The achieved results of this event, both at the Connectathon and during Pre-Connectathon meet the objectives set before the start and should be an encouragement in pursuing in the same direction with more profiles and more test cases. It is of particular interest to continue and strengthen the remote testing, enlarging the scope of testing and involving more companies such that impact of preconnectathon activity becomes more evident during the Connectathon event.

Connectathon 2013 was a very successful event and the quality of work that ETSI can provide, as well as the potential of TTCN-3 based testing in eHealth context, were demonstrated even more than in the previous events.