Smart Cities Workshop 2013

  • 3 - 4 June 2013Add this to my calendar
  • Sophia Antipolis, Franceexpand

The 1st ETSI Smart Cities Workshop, 3-4 June 2013 at Sophia Antipolis, was dedicated to examining the major issues that face city authorities and the enabling infrastructure providers who are building the cities of tomorrow. Such issues include, choice of technology, engaging with the citizens, cyber security and data privacy, business models and clarification of the roles of the major actors.


The world is undergoing the largest wave of urban growth in history. Today more than half of the world’s population (currently 7.1 billion) lives in towns and cities. With an estimated one million people moving into cities each week, experts predict the global urban population will double by 2050 meaning 70% of the total world population will be living in a major town or city.

In order to meet the challenge, city architects and authorities must bring together communications networks and social networks by integrating the multiple service domains of the city (governance, energy, water, waste, health, transport, security, and education).

ICT technologies have a key role in connecting the resources to the people who use them thus enabling the citizens to play an active role in the evolution of their own smart and sustainable cities.


The workshop brought together experts from both public and private sectors to discuss the recent EC initiatives, key global implementations, major technological and social challenges , as well the specific needs expressed by the city authorities and the citizens.


 Gain better understanding of the economics and social aspects of the Smart City.
• Examine how technology and innovation will enable the smarter cities of tomorrow.
• Identify and discuss the major technology trends , taking into account major industry initiatives. 
• Highlight the related standardization and/or pre-standardization needs, in balance with the need for integration of multiple technologies.
• Build a community of city oriented thinkers who wish to share experience and initiative to meet the challenge of modern urban development