8th ETSI ITS Workshop

The 8th ETSI Workshop on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) will take place in ETSI Premises on 8-10 March 2016.

At the end of 2014, the EC DG MOVE took the initiative to create a C-ITS deployment platform to bring together the different stakeholders to assist the introduction of Cooperative ITS in Europe.

During 2015 much progress have been achieved in the C-ITS deployment platform and it is expected that EC DG MOVE will publish its 'Master Plan' for C-ITS deployment in Europe by end of 1st half year of 2016.

At the same time automated driving has over the last year received a lot of attention and the industry is preparing for the next steps towards automated driving.

Objective of the event

With these exciting activities in 2015, this workshop will provide:

  • a status of the ongoing activities to facilitate the deployment of Cooperative ITS, not only in Europe but also around the globe,
  • an insight into some of the challenges bringing the standardized technologies from paper into operational deployments, such as the regulatory aspects, the technical challenges and the testing aspects,
  • an insight into work on hybrid solution including cellular technology together with the short range C-ITS communication technology
  • an insight into the next step moving from the initial Day 1 C-ITS services through the next phases of C-ITS towards higher and higher degrees of automation. Including identifications of the technology and regulatory challenges as well as the need for standardization.

Target audience

This event is of particular interest to:

  • Decision makers for ITS infrastructure deployments
  • Traffic and mobility manager
  • Vehicle and Equipment manufacturers / suppliers
  • Service providers
  • Policy makers
  • .../...

Agenda Tuesday 8 March 2016

13:30 Check-in 

Welcome address
Niels Peter Skov Andersen, ETSI TC ITS Chairman

14:00 - 17:45  SESSION 1: C-ITS Status Around the Globe 
14:15 C-ITS in the United States: A status update on 5.9 GHz DSRC
John Kenney, Toyota USA
15:00 C-ITS status in China
Shi Yi, Huawei
15:30 Deployment initiatives for C-ITS in Europe
Torsten Geissler, BAST, Chairman Amsterdam Group
16:00 Networking Coffee
16:30  C-ITS in Australia
Peter Girgis, Transport Certification Australia
17:15 C-ITS in Europe
Gerhard Menzel, DG MOVE
17:45 Networking Cocktail

Agenda Wednesday 9 March 2016

09:00 - 12:30 SESSION 2: ITS next challenges
09:00 The VRUITS project: ITS applications for VRUs
Johan Scholliers, VTT
09:30 IoT Standards Landscaping and Gap Analysis for Smart Mobility
Michelle Wetterwald, ETSI STF 505 
10:00 3GPP activities on ITS
SungDuck Chun, LGE 
10:30 Coffee & Networking Break
11:00 Multi Channel Operation
Paul Spaanderman, PaulsConsultancy BV
11:30 Spectrum for ITS  -  WRC-19 Agenda Item 1.12
Satoshi Oyama, ARIB 
12:00 Can C-ITS benefit from MirrorLink?
Jorg Brakensiek, MirrorLink  
12:30 - 14:00 Networking Lunch
14:00 - 15:30 SESSION 3: Framing the needs towards automated driving
14:00 Development of C-ITS and Automated Driving in China
Xianghui Song, China National ITS Center
14:30 The role of the Mobile Operator in automated driving
Marco Annoni, TIM
15:00 Designing for active interventions (Functional safety)
Pierre Blueher, Continental
15:30 Coffee & Networking Break
16:00 Increased position accuracy for automated driving
Paul Spaanderman, HEIGHTS
16:30 - 17:30

PANEL DISCUSSION: What technical challenges are next
ETSI TC ITS Working Group chairs


Networking Cocktail

Agenda Thursday 10 March 2016

09:00 - 12:00 SESSION 4: Towards Accident Free Automated driving
09:00 C2C-CC Roadmaps beyond Day-1
Teodor Buburuzan, Car-2-Car Communication Consortium
09:30 Platooning – challenges and opportunities
Katrin Sjöberg, Volvo Group Trucks Technology
10:00 Autonomous driving technology and ITS
Takanori Mashiko, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), Japan
10:30 Coffee & Networking Break
11:00 Cooperative-ACC, R&D, Standardisation and Roadmap
Andrea Tomatis, Hitachi
11:30 Towards automatic driving – Collective Perception
Teodor Buburuzan, Volkswagen Group Research
12.00 End of the Workshop & Sandwich Lunch

ANDERSENNiels Peter Skov Andersen, ETSI TC ITS Chairman, General Manager Car-2-Car Communication Consortium
Mr Niels Peter Skov Andersen is General Manager for the Car-2-Car Communication Consortium and has 25 years background in standardization. He is chairman of ETSI TC ITS.
Before joining, the Car-2-Car Communication Niels Peter Skov Andersen has long experience in taking new technologies through standardization to operational systems, as well as global coordination of standards. He was an industry participant in standardization of GSM phase 1, part of ETSI project team responsible for GSM phase 2, Chairing the ETSI SMG2 – ETSI’s lead GSM radio group - through the elaboration of GPRS, EDGE and 3G. When the successful global partnership project 3GPP for mobile standardization between ARIB, TTC, TTA, ATIS, CCSA and ETSI was created, Niels Peter Skov Andersen was elected the first chairman of the TSG SA a position he held for 6 years. In addition when the remaining GSM work was transferred to 3GPP, he in addition was elected chairman for the TSG GERAN the group responsible for maintenance and evolution of the GSM based radio network. In addition he has been a member of the ETSI Board since 2005 and also for a 3 year period been member of the Board of directors the Open Mobile Alliance.

AnnoniMarco Annoni, TIM
Senior Project Manager for the Telecom Italia he manages the “Connected Vehicle & ITS” R&D programme coordinating the innovation activities in the ITS domain. With more than 25 years’ experience in the international R&D environment he is actively involved in the international standardization ITS process as Vice Chairman of ETSI TC ITS and with contributions in the eCall domain. He is also the Telecom Italia official representative in ERTICO, TTS Italia and in the Technical Committee of the Italian Association of Telematic Service Providers.
He was previously involved in the satellite communications domain and contributed to the development of the IRIDIUM® Personal Communication Network, the first operational satellite personal communication system. Project Manager for several Telecom Italia research projects in the satellite networking domain , he managed the Telecom Italia/TILAB participation to many European co-funded projects (e.g. VIRTUOUS, WINEGLASS, BRAHMS, SATIP6, SAFETUNNEL, GST, CVIS, eCoMove, HeERO).
He is currently the technical/scientific coordinator of the national project URBeLOG, partially funded by the Italian Ministry of University & Research addressing “last mile logistics” in the metropolitan areas and leading to pre-operational pilot testing directly involving some major Italian metropolitan city administrations.

BlueherPierre Blueher, Continental
I have studied “Electrical Engineering” with specialization in “Automation and Control” at the Technical University of Ilmenau. At the “Université Paul Verlaine de Metz” I worked for my diploma thesis for “autonomous helicopter control” until 2008. After that I started working as a “Functional Safety Engineer” for combustion engine control at “Delphi SAS France” (Blois) and took later the lead for the development of technical safety concepts and system projects for engine control units.
In March 2014 I changed to Continental Teves, Frankfurt, and continued as a Functional Safety Engineer for “driver assistance functions”. Since 2015 I am working on the functional safety concepts for (highly) automated driving functions.

JBrakensiekörg Brakensiek, MirrorLink
Dr. Jörg Brakensiek is the Chief Architect for MirrorLink for the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC). Jörg was a Standardization Director in Microsoft, responsible for Automotive and held various managing, engineering and research positions within Nokia before. He started his career at Nokia Germany in 1999 and moved to the Silicon Valley in 2007.
Jörg is the original inventor and technical architect behind MirrorLink®. He is chairing the Technical Work Group within the CCC, and responsible for the further development of MirrorLink’s technical specifications. Jörg is frequently speaking on conferences, workshops, analyst and media events about MirrorLink.
Jörg received his diploma and doctor degrees in electrical engineering from Technical University of Dortmund, Germany in 1994 and 1999 respectively. He has a broad research background on SoC architectures, software radio, multi-processors, mobile virtualization and mobile device interoperability. Jörg was involved in the definition and execution of multiple German and European research projects.

Teodor BuburuzanTeodor Buburuzan, Volkswagen Group Research
Dr. Teodor Buburuzan is a senior research engineer at Volkswagen Group Research in Germany. After obtaining his Computer Science degree in 2004, he started working as a research scientist for the Technical University of Braunschweig, from which it obtained a Dr.-Ing. degree in 2011 after defending his dissertation thesis on topics in the area of heterogeneous wireless communication. Since October 2010 he is working for Volkswagen Group Research in Wolfsburg where he is responsible for coordinating various research projects, standardization efforts and strategies in the areas of Cooperative Systems and Connected Car. Dr. Teodor Buburuzan chairs several working groups within the Car-2-Car Communication Consortium, the Amsterdam group and is involved in various other C-ITS projects and conferences.

SChunSungDuckungDuck Chun, LGE
Mr. Chun holds an MBA degree from Sloan School of Management in MA, USA, and a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Seoul National University in Korea. After joining LG Electronics in 2000, he was in charge of developing software for the mobile phones and actively participated in the standardization of HSxPA, LTE and 5G at RAN WGs and SA WGs of 3GPP as a regular delegate. Recently, he has been involved in standardization of 3GPP support of V2X communication and publication of specifications since the work started in 3GPP. Within LG Electronics, he also took several roles in developing strategies and products for new business opportunities in various fields including healthcare sector, energy sector and automotive sector.

Torsten GeisslerTorsten Geißler, BAST
Torsten Geißler, holder of degree and doctorate in economics from University of Cologne (1996, 2001) has got 20 years research and policy implementation background in ITS. Since 2010 Torsten works for the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) in the section of Cooperative Traffic and Driver Assistance Systems and is responsible for deployment of innovative technologies in public-private collaboration. In this role he is involved in the deployment initiative of the Cooperative ITS Corridor linking the Netherlands, Germany and Austria. Torsten was involved in numerous Cooperative ITS related research projects and Field Operational Tests. He is active on European level in the Conference of European Directors of Roads CEDR, chair of the Amsterdam Group and member of the Cooperative ITS Platform (on behalf of CEDR). Torsten is also involved in policy and deployment related groups in TISA, IBEC, iMobility Forum and Car2Car Communication Consortium.

Peter Girgis Peter Girgis, Transport Certification Australia Limited (TCA)
Peter has worked for Transport Certification Australia Limited (TCA) since 2009 and is responsible for the development of new programs and their implementation under the National Telematics Framework. He is currently responsible for a number of key initiatives being the implementation of the Electronic Work Diary and security framework to support Cooperative ITS.
Peter is a member of Standards Australia (ITS-023) and International Standards Organisation (ISO TC-204) for the development and maintenance of standards that relate to Intelligent Transport Systems.
Prior to joining Transport Certification Australia Limited, Peter was the General Manager Content & Development at Sentinel Content, responsible for the design, development and implementation of Sentinel Content’s location-based dynamic content delivery platform which was chosen by Nokia to deliver location based content to Nokia Australia and used by the NRMA and RACQ.
Additionally, Peter has also worked for RoadAngel (UK) developing connected navigation solutions for European and Australian market and has held senior product management positions at Fuji Xerox and Sensis. He has an extensive background in IT networking and security working throughout Asia Pacific for Axent Technologies (subsequently acquired by Symantec).
• Bachelor of Science, University of Massachusetts, USA, 1992
• Bachelor of Science Transfer Certificate, Hotelconsult Cesar Ritz, Switzerland.

hoefsWolfgang Höfs, European Commission, DG CONNECT
At present Wolfgang works as Head of Sector “Strategic Planning and Communication” in the Smart Cities and Sustainability unit of European Commission’s Directorate General CONNECT (Communications networks, Content and Technology).
Unit’s transport-related activities focus on smart mobility, connected vehicles and automation in road transport as well as electromobility. He is in particular engaged in international research cooperation issues, acting as European facilitator of the EU-US cooperation on ICT for transport research. Harmonization of standardization is focal in this cooperation.
Before joining the European Commission in 2001 he held different positions in research and industry, starting as research assistant in software engineering, managing technology transfer from academic research to industrial applications, before being appointed as CEO of a spin-off software house and managing major IT projects in transport industry.
He  studied in London [UK] and Dortmund [DE] and holds a Master’s Degree (Dipl.-Inform.) in Computer Sciences (Informatik) and Business Administration from Technical University of Dortmund. His interests are focused on Cooperative ITS, connected and automated driving and smart mobility including standardization issues.

John KenneyJohn Kenney, Toyota InfoTechnology Center
Dr. John Kenney is Director of networking research and a Principal Researcher at the Toyota InfoTechnology Center in Mountain View, California. He represents Toyota in international standards organizations, including SAE, IEEE, and ETSI. He is active in DSRC Spectrum Sharing discussions in the US and Europe. His research interests include wireless communication performance and congestion control. He is Co-Chair of the IEEE SmartVehicles 2016 workshop and Associate Editor of IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine. Prior to his work with Toyota, John was a long-time member of the Tellabs Research Center and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Notre Dame. He has graduate degrees from Stanford and Notre Dame. 

Takenori MashikoTakanori Mashiko, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), Japan
Takanori MASHIKO is Deputy Director of New-Generation Mobile Communications Office, Radio Department, Telecommunications Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), Japan.  He is responsible for radio spectrum policy and R&D projects in the field of ITS in MIC, cooperating with Japanese standardization organizations such as Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) and ITS Info-Communications Forum. MIC cooperates with other relevant ministries and stakeholders, and promotes ITS in Japan.

Gerhard MenzelGerhard Menzel, European Commission, DG Mobility and Transport
Gerhard Menzel is working as policy officer at the European Commission, DG Mobility and Transport within Unit C3 - Intelligent Transport Systems. He chairs the working group on Security and Standardisation within the Commission's Platform for the deployment of C-ITS. He holds a Master of Science in Engineering in Intelligent Transport Systems from the University Linköping (Sweden) and University of Applied Sciences Vienna (Austria). Prior to joining the European Commission he worked several years as expert in the field of ITS Deployment at AustriaTech – an agency of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport.

OyamaSatoshi Oyama, Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB)
Mr. Sam Oyama is Senior Researcher, ITS Group, Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB), Tokyo, Japan.  Until July 2011, he was with Hitachi, Ltd. He has been involving with 5.8GHz DSRC standardization activities. His current interests are on vehicle communications for ITS applications, and on at 79GHz band high-resolution short-range radar.
  For ITU-R SG5 WP5A, he has been a delegate of Japan. In 2009, he was assigned to Chair of Sub WG for ITS radiocommunications. Since September 2009, he has been Chair of TG ITS, APT (Asia-Pacific Telecommunity) Wireless Group (AWG). 
For WRC-15, he was Chair of DG-1.18 on spectrum allocation for 79 GHz Radar in APT. As a Japanese delegate, he worked for WRC-19 Agenda Item 1.12 on ITS Application through APG and WRC-15.

ScholliersJohan Scholliers, VTT Technical Research Centre Finland
Dr. Johan Scholliers works as Principal Scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre Finland  in the Transport team. His experience is within the application and evaluation of ICT applications in transport and logistics. He is currently coordinating the EC FP7 sponsored VRUITS project on ITS applications for Vulnerable Road Users. He is currently involved as technical coordinator in the NordicWay project,  on the deployment of cooperative traffic services through cellular networks on a road corridor in the Nordic countries. He also acts a project manager for the UrbanAutoTest project, on an urban test site for autonomous and cooperative transport services in Tampere, which is co-sponsored by the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. Mr Scholliers received his M.Sc (1986) and Ph.D (1992) at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium.

Katrin KjobergKatrin Sjöberg, Volvo Group Trucks Technology
Katrin Sjöberg works as connected vehicle technology specialist at Volvo Group Trucks Technology in Göteborg, Sweden. She is working with wireless access to the vehicle both short-range (e.g., 802.11p, WiFi) as well as long-range wireless technologies (i.e., 3G/4G) for connecting the vehicle. Her research interest ranges from channel modeling to applications within connected automation (e.g., platooning and CACC). She is actively contributing to V2V standardization in Europe within ETSI Technical Committee on ITS (where she is holding a vice chairmanship of Working Group 4) and to the CAR-2-CAR Communication Consortium.

SongXianghui Song, China National ITS Center
Mrs. Xianghui Song is a researcher and chief engineer of the China National ITS Center, and she also serves as the secretary of China ITS Alliance C-ITS Group, member of China Road Transport Association Dangerous Goods Transportation Committee. She devoted herself into ITS related technologies such as DSRC, Vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) cooperation for traffic safety, and etc. In recent years, Song focuses more on the technology development, applications, as well as standardization of cooperative ITS (C-ITS). Moreover, Song and her team is currently organizing the construction of the Chinese version testing bed for V2X technique and application.

SpaandermanPaul Spaanderman, PaulsConsultancy
Paulus Teun (Paul) Spaanderman has an extensive experience in product innovation and technology strategy development for MobilePhone, PC , Car-Entertainment/Safety and Hearing aid markets. He was Innovation manager at NXP Semiconductors when joining the field of Cooperative ITS in 2009 and was business developer at TNO. Currently he is CEO of PaulsConsultancy in the Netherlands. He is member of the Amsterdam Group, EU commission DG-move ITS-Deployment Platform, Car2Car Communication Consortium and is partner in the EU H2020 projects HIGHTs and CODECS. He has a wide experience in standardization, started in 1997 as member of the USB Version 1 specification team. He is ETSI TC ITS member sins 2010, currently Vice Chair of WG1 and WG3, and was specialist in STF448, STF 420 and STF468. He is also member of ISO 240 WG3, ISO WG14 ISO WG16 and ISO 240WG18/CEN278WG16 sins 2012.

Andrea Tomatis, Hitachi Europe Ltd
Andrea Tomatis received his PhD degree from the Politecnico di Torino (Italy) in collaboration with University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2008 in the context of wireless network and navigation technologies applied to Intelligent Transportation System. Currently Andrea Tomatis is deputy laboratory manager and senior researcher at the A&IL R&D facility of Hitachi Europe Ltd. Andrea’s research interests include, among others, Cooperative Systems over wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs), Navigation system (e.g. GPS, Galileo, etc.) and Autonomous vehicles. Andrea Tomatis has long working experience with collaborative research projects. In FP7 funded projects, he has been member of several Steering Committees, PRE-DRIVE C2X, and DRIVE C2X and leader of specification and development working package in PRE-DRIVE C2X , DRIVE C2X and eCo-FEV.

WetterwaldMichelle Wetterwald, ETSI STF 505
Dr Michelle Wetterwald graduated engineer from Telecom Bretagne and doctor from Telecom ParisTech, France. She is a Telecoms and Networking Systems expert in Sophia Antipolis, South of France. Her domain of interest is the connectivity of mobile devices in wireless networks and the design of communications for C-ITS, including her participation in ETSI TC ITS standardization. She is currently serving as technical expert for mobile communications systems for the EU Commission (H2020 projects evaluation and audit), part time lecturer, and works for SMEs in ETSI STF and technical analysis projects. Previous years saw her coordinate at local and Work Package levels eight European and French collaborative projects. She is author and co-author of 6 patents on early WLAN systems and 50+ papers on advanced wireless networking mechanisms. She is a Senior Member of the IEEE.

Shi YYi Shii, Huawei Technologies 
Yi Shi (Richard) received the Ph.D. degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, in August 2010. Before he joined Huawei Technologies, Beijing, China in June 2013, he worked as a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Victoria. For the last ten years he has been working with wireless communications and networking, covering signaling processing, optimization, algorithm design, and etc. He is now a research engineer and delegate in Huawei, actively involved in standardization bodies of ETSI TC ITS and 3GPP for vehicular communications.