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Brazilian NGN influence grows after Standards Workshop

Sophia Antipolis, 15th November 2006

At the hugely successful NGN Workshop in Brasilia, - 9th,10th November, hosted by Brasil Telecom, an audience of over 250 heard how technical standards are solid foundations for Service Providers to continue progress towards the Next Generation Network (NGN).

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Funded R&D work to look to Standards for Interoperability

Sophia Antipolis,  31st October 2006

ETSI has hosted a two day workshop, 23-24 October in Sophia Antipolis, which has confirmed that standards and interoperability are essential to the success of European Technology Platforms (ETPs) - Industry led initiatives, defining research and development priorities for the European Union.

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ETSI supports key IPv6 event

Sophia Antipolis,  18th October 2006

As demand for the protocol grows, the French IPv6 Worldwide Summit - 14th to 15th November 2006, Cannes, France - will consider strategies for Deployment, Address management, Domain name management and other issues related to IPv6's role in un-locking web based networks to meet their full potential.

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International Recognition of Electronic Signatures eases a step closer following ETSI Technical Report

Sophia Antipolis,  9th October 2006

By mapping USA Federal PKI certificate policy requirements into the EU Qualified Certificate Policy, ETSI Technical Report (TR) 102 458 is providing Certification Authorities a path towards international recognition of Electronic Signatures.

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Key Industry Groups Chart the Future of IMS

Sophia Antipolis,  5th October 2006

Standards groups and CableLabs have agreed to renew support for 3GPPTM as the centre of expertise on IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) as a result of a workshop on the alignment and evolution of IMS held in Palm Springs last week.

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Operational deployment of RFID a step closer

Sophia Antipolis,  29th September 2006

The recent performance of RFID in Europe means operational deployment of RFID is much closer.

This follows the announcement by ETSI Technical Group, TG34, that voluntary agreement has been secured between manufacturers to restrict the operation of interrogators in the band 865 - 868 MHz to only 4 channels.

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ETSI Plugtests service continues interoperability success with ETSI HiperMAN and WiMAX

Sophia Antipolis,  22th March 2006

ETSI Plugtests™ Service is pleased to announce the success of its latest interoperability event, the 3rd WiMAX Forum™  PlugFest from the 12th to 19th March 2006, at ETSI Headquarters in Sophia Antipolis, France.

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