ETSI to Co-host the WiMAX Forum's Third, Public Mobile WiMAX™ PlugFest. The Last Formal Test for WiMAX Forum Members Leading to Mobile WiMAX Certification

Sophia Antipolis, 10th April 2007

ETSI and AT4 wireless, the two leading organizations in writing and testing for WiMAX Forum Certification in Europe, will co-host the third, public mobile WiMAX PlugFest May 13-19, 2007 in Sophia Antipolis, France.

The third, public Mobile WiMAX PlugFest will validate the interoperability of vendor's base and mobile stations, testing their equipments' ability to send and receive packets of data and signalling using selected certification profiles. With the impending certification of mobile products by the WiMAX Forum and its testing partners, member companies will get this additional opportunity to test interoperability before submission for certification.

Philippe Cousin, ETSI PlugtestsTM Manager, welcomed the synergies in ETSI's support of the PlugFest, he said:

'As well as providing test specifications for the WiMAX Certification process, ETSI is very proud to be able to offer hosting facilities via our PLUGTESTSTM service. Both of these activities bring to life the Cooperation Agreement that exists between ETSI and the WiMAX Forum'.

Some testing observations and results will be available after the conclusion of the event, however due to non-disclosure agreements between vendors, testing companies and the WiMAX Forum, interoperability results between specific vendors is not released.

The public website for the event is at:

For more information on past WiMAX Forum PlugFests, go to:


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