Industry experts confirm the need to link Research and Standards with Public Policy. Call for 2010 event following success of 1st ETSI Business Innovation Summit

ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, France - 16 November 2009

Delegates at ETSI's first Business Innovation Summit on future wireless networks confirmed the need to link Research and Standards with Public Policy.  Participants in the summit, which took place in Brussels on 2-3 November 2009 and which addressed the vision of wireless technologies as they may expect to be implemented five years from now and beyond, agreed that 'Digital Europe' will only be realized if there is a better understanding and acceptance of cross sector standards. The event attracted 80 participants who shared their views on how to make innovation timely and commercially viable.

Particularly in the current economic climate, companies find themselves under ever more pressure to see faster ROI from research.  ‘Innovation' has quickly developed into the new solution buzzword but, for ETSI, in collaboration with Informa Telecom & Media, it was pivotal to creating this summit as a platform for exploring ‘the real deal': how to successfully convert innovative research and enable commercial success.

Focusing on wireless networks of the future, the conference featured the experience of more than 16 international network operators, plus many other contributors. With the European Commission now putting its weight firmly behind innovation as a vital enabler for European business, key presentations were also provided by representatives of several departments of the Commission – Information, Future Internet, Transport and Enterprise. These presentations explored the Commission's policy and practice regarding Innovation, and were supplemented by case studies of Commission-funded projects, in particular the results so far of projects carried out under the European Union Framework Programme 7 (FP7). 

Participants acknowledged that innovation is only achieved if the research leads to real products and services that are commercially implemented. Standardization was highlighted as an effective means to bring research results to the market, delivering innovative, interoperable products. In the increasingly technological world, interoperability is a key factor to achieve business success.

The feedback received from participants at the first ETSI Business Innovation Summit was very positive overall and the quality of the participation and presentations was high.

Dr Mike Short, Vice President of Telefonica Europe and former Chairman of the GSM Association, commented that 'Cross sector standards need understanding and real delivery for Digital Europe to be realised. Thank you ETSI for the sharp focus of the conference that added to this debate.'

Following the event, Walter Weigel, ETSI's Director General, concluded that 'the event provided an excellent platform to meet and discuss with high level participants how, with the help of standardization, a brilliant idea can be transformed into an innovation that is relevant to the market. I am looking forward to next year's event."
The announcement of the dates for the second ETSI Business Innovation Summit on 5-6 October 2010 was well received and preparation is currently under way.

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ETSI's Business Innovation Summit – Vision of the Wireless Network of the Future has been produced by Informa Telecoms and Media in collaboration with ETSI. The Summit took place at the Brussels Marriott Hotel from 2 to 3 November 2009. This was followed by a post-conference workshop on 'Effectively managing innovation and achieving Return on Investment' on 4 November. The 2nd ETSI Business Innovation Summit is scheduled for 5-6 October 2010.
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