Intelligent Transport – ETSI defines new standards road map, renews strategic partnership

ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, France - 12 February 2009

More than 120 experts from the transport and telecommunications industries, regulators and research organizations meeting in southern France have agreed new standardization priorities for the Intelligent Transport sector. At a workshop organized and hosted by ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, delegates from throughout Europe, plus Japan, South Korea and the USA, shared their vision of effective technical solutions to support an increasingly mobile world population.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) embrace a wide variety of communications-related applications intended to increase travel safety, minimise environmental impact, improve traffic management and maximise the benefits of transportation to both commercial users and the general public.

This was the first ITS workshop to organized by ETSI, and the number of delegates and the level of interest expressed was clear evidence of the growing significance of ITS and of the willingness of diverse industry sectors to collaborate to achieve the goals of ITS.

Welcoming the delegates, Mr Soeren Hess, Chairman of ETSI's Intelligent Transport Systems Technical Committee (TC ITS) explained that  ETSI, well known for producing standards for fixed telecom, mobile, radio, converged, broadcast and Internet technologies, is now supporting the ITS domain with standardization activities. The standardization work of this technical committee is actively supported by a large variety of companies, including car makers, the automotive supply industry, silicon vendors, network operators, research organizations and test houses. The work of other ETSI technical committees also has a strong contribution to make to ITS, including radio and mobile communications, safety and security, testing and human factors engineering.

The workshop agenda included numerous sessions, with presentations given by experts representing organizations that included ETSI, ERTICO, the European Commission (DG INFSO G4, ICT for transport) and various European research projects including COMeSafety, CVIS, Safespot, Predrive C2X, as well as the private sector and universities. 

ETSI's TC ITS working groups presented the results of their work to date, and the overall roadmap and priorities for the Technical Committee were reviewed. The European Commission presented its initiatives for harmonized implementation to ensure interoperability, and international contributions from ISO TC204, ITU-R and Japan were also received. These inputs confirmed the need for further global co-operation between international standardisation organisations to achieve fully-effective ITS solutions. ETSI has taken a number of initiatives to ensure worldwide co-operation in the field of standardization and this workshop was an important element together with the ongoing co-operation and the yearly ITS World Congress.

The workshop concluded that increased standardization and implementation activities are foreseen during 2009 and 2010 for TC ITS, where the main focus will be on base standards and interoperability for co-operative systems as well as other ITS domains. The importance of international cooperation was once again reinforced.

The ETSI ITS workshop is intended to become a yearly event, with the next workshop scheduled to take place 10-12 February 2010 in Sophia Antipolis, France.

Renewed partnership agreement between ETSI and ERTICO

During the workshop, the existing partnership agreement between ETSI and ERTICO, a European association representing the interests of ITS stakeholders, was renewed.  The two organizations see a need for stronger co-operation and harmonization of the initiatives in order to develop ITS within Europe. This is reflected in the new co-operation agreement.  ETSI has numerous partnership agreements which enable it to co-operate with partner standards bodies and industry fora, bringing mutual benefits by the sharing of resources and expertise, and the avoidance of duplicated effort with the risk of conflicting standards.  The new ETSI-ERTICO Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Dr Walter Weigel, Director-General of ETSI, and Dr Hermann Meyer, CEO of ERTICO.

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