ETSI ROUND TABLE on April 7th 2009 at Nice Acropolis - France. 'ICT Standardization & Research: new challenges of a rapidly changing market'

Sophia Antipolis, March 3rd, 2009

Over the past twenty years, the vast range of new technological developments, combined with a global deregulation of telecommunications, has led to increased competition among industry players. The result is a diversity of access modes (low and high-speed, fixed, nomadic and mobile), with new uses, new concepts triggered by fast paced innovation.

The opening of the telecommunications market has increased the number of players and the value chain. And maintaining interoperability between equipment and complex systems implies the use of standards and protocols which can adapt to emerging technologies and their shorter and shorter cycles. To increase market shares in this fiercely competitive environment, manufacturers, operators and service providers tend to valorise their innovations through standards, producing standards at a more rapid pace, and shortening the R & D, standardization and time-to-market cycles.

It is within this context that ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), based in Sophia Antipolis - France, has been operating since 1988. Standards produced by the Institute have given rise to many global industrial 'success stories', in land line networks, mobile telecommunications, as well as video and audio broadcasting.

For its 20th anniversary, ETSI solicited contributions from some thirty renowned figures in the information and communication technology (ICT) scientific community, asking them to share their latest research and vision in the field of ICT, focusing on such matters as:

  • Ambient Intelligence and communicating objects
  • Radio and spectrum management
  • Behavioural changes and the security of transactions in cyberspace
  • Future and emerging technologies

The contributions have been compiled into a book entitled 'ICT shaping the world', celebrating 20 years of research dedicated to ICT standardization. And today, ETSI takes it one step further, inviting eminent scientific and economic personalities from throughout Europe for a debate on emerging issues and interactions triggered by the changing relationships between research, standardization and regulation ...

At the heart of the universal telecommunications system, standardization has become a stimulator for global economic growth, promoting the development of new business models for the benefit of industry and services. But, although protected by European regulation, a standard or specification is never neutral. It reflects the consensus and the influence of stakeholders in the process. It also provides a formidable leverage for a growth strategy.

This leads to such questions as what role will standardization play in the evolution of the Internet, mobile services and telecommunications networks? What will be its impact in terms of market perspectives and growth, particularly in the wake of the current financial crisis?

ETSI wishes to invite you to this exciting debate, which will take place on:

Tuesday 7th April 2009, at 6:30 pm at Nice Acropolis - France

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