RFID stakeholders world wide are being urged to participate in the European Commission-funded CASAGRAS project by joining its new, free, Global Forum at www.rfidglobal.eu

ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, France, 15 October 2008

CASAGRAS and GRIFS have a common partner in ETSI coordinating the Cluster of all European RFID Projects which will lead to close co-operation between the projects.

ETSI facilitates collaboration between GRIFS http://www.grifs-project.eu  and CASAGRAS http://www.rfidglobal.eu and all RFID research projects using the Cluster of European RFID Projects http://www.rfid-in-action.eu/cerp

Central to the work and success of the CASAGRAS project is co-operation and liaison with other projects operating in complementary areas. Key among these is GRIFS (Global Interoperability Forum for Standards), an EC-funded Support Action Project to improve collaboration and maximise the global interoperability of RFID standards, a two year project, which started in January 2008, it is managed by GS1, ETSI and CEN. CASAGRAS and GRIFS have many areas of common interest and their co-ordinators Ian Smith (CASAGRAS) and Henri Barthel (GRIFS) have agreed a joint statement outlining how the two projects can operate to best mutual effect: GRIFS and CASAGRAS are FP7 Support Action Projects launched in January 2008.

GRIFS will last for two years while CASAGRAS is planned for 18 months. Both projects have similar scope but they have different partners and distinct objectives. Whereas CASAGRAS addresses the broader concept of the "Internet of Things" and intends to issue recommendations primarily targeted to European governmental bodies, GRIFS will focus on RFID for item management with the main objective being to provide a sustainable platform where interested standards bodies will co-operate in opportunities for the two projects to merge some activities and co-operate on others."

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