B2B – ETSI "Doubles" Event Does The Business For eSolutions

ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, France - 20 August 2008

The formula of running an ETSI Plugtests™ event in parallel with an ETSI Workshop has proved the perfect formula for eSolution stakeholders as event attendees file feedback following their summer breaks.

ETSI offers the perfect environment for ICT professionals to network, and whilst the B2B Workshop was happening 7-8 July, the B2B ETSI Plugtests™ event ran 7-11 July.

1.       The workshop event attracted international collaborators from Asia, Europe, and North America with a common goal to advance the B2B Global Test Network concept. The workshop demonstrated:

•         Integration of eBusiness solutions:  implementation uses cases  &  standardization issues
•         Initiatives for improving interoperability & developing eBusiness testing

Delegates reported it particularly useful to share thoughts relating to new advances in test framework architectures and the results from using these architectures for B2B integration testing.

2.       The ETSI Plugtests™ event was a B2B interoperability testing event for eBusiness standard solutions organised in partnership with OASIS and in collaboration with CEN, and provided user communities with opportunities to:

•         Test B2B interoperability with partners in their own application space
•         Test interoperability between different messaging standards using Gateways
•         Refine the design of an interoperable solution with partners and set the basis for interoperability rules and best practices within their community
•         Evaluate the use of Vendor-to-Vendor interoperability tests to consolidate the certification process used by Industry communities
•         Perform conformance tests (provided by KorBIT) to check vendor MSH prior to Face-to-Face interoperability test sessions

ETSI set up a complete and detailed test program in preparation to the event with support from Boostaero, CEN, Drummond Group, Fujitsu, KorBIT, and NIST, enabling eBusiness solution vendors to:

•         Detect and correct bugs in their solutions
•         Resolve inter-solution inconsistencies resulting from interpretation differences in eBusiness standards
•         Consolidate their understanding on the interaction between messaging and eBusiness layers


Boostaero (eBusiness for aeronautics and Defence) and TICIO, the eBusiness cross-industry project particularly appreciated the ability of ETSI Plugtests™ to test improve the interoperability of eBusiness solutions.

Michael MERZ, Ponton Consulting GmbH said:
'After having successfully demonstrated the interoperability of our B2B solution 'Ponton X/P' with other ebXML Messaging Services we appreciate the extension of B2B interoperability tests to additional protocols such as ebMS2 over SMTP and AS2.'

Jacques DURAND, FUJITSU, said:
[FUJITSU] has always considered interoperability based on standards as a critical objective and we very much support ETSI PlugtestsTM efforts to improve the global interoperability of eBusiness systems'.

Richard DRUMMOND, Drummond Group, said:
"The ETSI PlugtestsTM event was professionally managed and significantly contributed to the maturity of participants' products.'

Anthony WILES, Director of ETSI's Centre for Testing and Interoperability (CTI), said:
'It is encouraging to see that the event has produced useful results even with the special challenges that testing B2B implementations brings. We are already looking forward to organising a second event next year."

For more information concerning ETSI Plugtests™ please contact:

Anthony Wiles
Director - Centre for Testing and Interoperability
Tel: +33 4 92944387
Email: [email protected]

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