FMCA invites global communications suppliers and operators to etsi to test interoperability

ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, France - 17 June 2008

The FMCA creates a collaborative environment for global telecom operators and vendors to accelerate the launch and adoption of innovative convergence services and ensure "the Voice of the Customer" is heard by the industry.

The FMCA will drive interoperability testing between international operators and global equipment vendors in close collaboration with ETSI, The Global Standards Producer and interoperability specialist, during the FMCA Interoperability Week "Convergence and Customer Experience Conference" at ETSI Headquarters in Sophia Antipolis, France, 23rd - 25th June 2008.

During the event, FMCA members and their partners will demonstrate how to deliver a superior seamless customer experience using FMCA product specifications, focussing on cellular/ Wi-Fi convergent solutions for customer deployment and especially on solutions satisfying operator-driven organizations' requirements for ease of use and quality. "Keeping it simple for customers" is the ultimate objective.

ETSI has worked closely with the FMCA to produce test specifications which have evolved from the requirements defined in FMCA Product Requirements Definition 3.0. Further information at:, specifically Wi-Fi association, Quality-of-Service, service continuity during network handovers and User Interface independent of mode.

All tests continually focus on improving customer experience irrelevant of the technology they are using and the results of the testing will assist participants and the wider convergence community to identify the key areas which need closer industry collaboration in order to deliver seamless interoperability and a superior end user experience.

Steve Andrews, FMCA Chair said: "This event will prove to be a terrific opportunity for FMCA members and their partners to help move our industry forward and particularly closer to our customers. It will also be a great opportunity for industry experts who face similar challenges to work together in a safe, secure environment. They are all in pursuit of a common aim – an excellent customer experience".

Anthony Wiles, Director, Centre for Testing & Interoperability, ETSI said: 'It's been a great opportunity for ETSI to work with FMCA. The test specifications and underlying test infrastructure are in place and we look forward to a packed and challenging testing schedule. Indeed, we are convinced that this PlugtestsTM event will go a long way to help ensure that FMCA specifications deliver interoperable products with a quality end user experience'


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About FMCA 
It was formed in June 2004 and incorporated as a not-for-profit trade association under New York law in August 2006.. The Fixed-Mobile Convergence Alliance (FMCA) is a global, non-profit organisation focused on driving the communications industry to provide to-day's and tomorrow's customers with high-quality, seamless and easy to use products and services. Representing a global base of over 700 million customers the FMCA's goal is to work in partnership to simplify customer's experiences by focussing on making underlying technologies and services all work well together. Its mission is to be the voice of the customer for the evolution of Wireless Broadband and Convergence.

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