ETSI Approves Satellite-UMTS G Family Radio Interface Technical Specifications

ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, France -19 May 2008

This set of Technical Specifications describes the necessary configurations and performances of the 3GPP defined UTRA FDD WCDMA radio interface when used over a satellite link.

It  should be noted that the SUMTS G family radio interface has been adopted by ITU-R as one of the possible satellite radio interface for Mobile Satellite Systems operating in the IMT2000 frequency band allocated to Mobile Satellite Services (1980-2010 MHz/uplink, 2170-2200 MHz/downlink).

With this satellite radio interface, 3G devices implementing the UTRA FDD WCDMA radio interface with extended agility in the IMT2000 frequencies allocated to Mobile Satellite Services can operate over a satellite link. It offers the advantage of minimizing the cost of satellite-enabled terminals due to technology commonalities with 3G devices, naturally enabling benefit from the product diversity and evolution driven by the large 3G market. In addition, it supports smooth convergence between Mobile Satellite Systems and "terrestrial" Mobile Systems.

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