First fully remote plugtest has success 'written all over'

ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, France -  14 March 2008  

ETSI Remote XAdES interoperability event proves Interoperability between XAdES v1.3.2 implementations (BES, EPES, T, C, X, XL and A-forms).

ETSI is proud to announce the successful completion of its first XAdES interoperability event supported by its recently-created XAdES Remote Plugtest Portal. By connecting to the portal, participants were able to remotely perform interoperability tests of their XAdES implementations.

This was ETSI's first ever fully remote Plugtest. The web portal was developed to support information exchange, test execution, test evaluation and report generation during the event. In using the services provided by the portal, participants were able to:

  • download and validate pre-generated signatures
  • generate their own signature using the provided certificates
  • validate each others' signatures
  • report on verification results

Thanks to the advanced capabilities of the XAdES Remote Plugtest Portal, verification results were processed and displayed in real time, enabling all participants to receive immediate feedback on interoperability levels. 

XAdES (XML Advanced Electronic Signatures) defines XML formats for advanced electronic signatures that remain valid over long periods, are compliant with the European Directive, and incorporate additional useful information in common uses cases. An important benefit of XAdES is that electronically signed documents can remain valid for long periods - even if underlying cryptographic algorithms are broken.

The primary objectives of the XAdES interoperability event included:

  • enabling participants to evaluate the level of interoperability of their products
  • improving the quality of XAdES specification by detecting interoperability issues
  • identifying additional issues to be taken into account in future XAdES standardization activities
  • easing the introduction of XAdES signatures by providing the means to solve interoperability problems before widespread deployment

Interest in the event exceeded expectations to the extent that ETSI extended it by a week to allow all participants the opportunity to complete as many tests as possible. There were 28 registered participants representing 26 companies from 11 countries from as far afield as Japan.  

The XAdES interoperability event was organized by ETSI Plugtests™ and the test descriptions underpinning the event were developed by experts from ETSI Technical Committee (TC) Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI). ETSI Technical experts also developed the portal, monitored the event and collected feedback on the base specifications for later submission to ETSI TC ESI.


Notes for Editors

This event was sponsored by the eEurope Initiative of the European Commission ( 

Technical support was provided by UPC - Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Juan Carlos Cruellas), IAIK - Institute for Applied Information Processing and Communication (Konrad Lanz) and ETSI Plugtests™. ( 

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