SIM / NFC based mobile services - the future starts here

ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, France -  27th February 2008  

ETSI is pleased to announce the publication today of a landmark specification heralding a major new era for SIM and NFC based mobile services.

At its plenary meeting on Friday 22nd February, the ETSI Smart Card Platform Technical Committee (TC SCP) approved the specification for a dedicated interface, the so-called 'Host Controller Interface' (HCI), within the management layers existing between the smart card platform and a near field communication (NFC) chip in mobile phones  (Download TS 102 622 v7.0.0).

The HCI specification provides a standardized way to host secure applications on the SIM and to communicate with the outside world in a contactless manner using the NFC chip in the phone, when combined with the Single Wire Protocol (SWP) within the physical layers approved by ETSI last October, which itself enabled chip manufacturers to commence developments based on an ETSI approved specification.

High levels of interest in this open and flexible specification have already been received by ETSI from Industry, Users and the media in anticipation of the commercial opportunities and User added value benefits it will generate - ticketing, payments and Access Control may now be achieved with the simple wave of a mobile handset - with the same level of security and trust present in a SIM or a banking card.

ETSI's reputation for technical excellence and robust standards is built on openness and partnerships and, by way of underlining its commitment to making the ecosystems of the smart card and the mobile NFC a success, now anticipates even further cooperation with interested parties to procure the swift and harmonious delivery of open standards.

Chairman of ETSI TC SCP, Klaus Vedder said:

'These new SIM properties are another important step towards turning today's mobile phone into a multipurpose terminal, personal security device and lifestyle tool and I look forward to having many fruitful and cooperative conversations with stakeholders in the weeks and months ahead'. 

Notes for Editors:

About the SIM:

Currently celebrating its 20th anniversary year, the SIM is a key enabler for GSM™, ETSI's most successful global standard (over 3 billion users) and is the world's most successful smart card application (10 billion SIMs delivered to market).

About ETSI:

ETSI's Technical Committee Smart Card Platform (TC SCP) has been the driving force behind the development of the smart card, and what was born 20 years ago as a pure security token with low memory capacity and processing power is now a full-grown technology stepping into the ICT world to provide a strong architectural element for a growing number of security-enabled services.

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