INTEROPOLIS LAUNCHED. ETSI offers Idea-to-Product solution

ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, France -  30 January 2008  

ETSI, the producer of globally-applicable standards for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), announces a major addition to its existing services.

'INTEROPOLIS', the product-enabling service, will be launched on 30 January 2008 at ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, France.

The creation of INTEROPOLIS means that, combined with its existing Forapolis service (see notes below); ETSI now offers 'Idea to Product' solutions for all issues related to standardization.

Efficient interoperability is a crucial challenge within ICT and the launch of INTEROPOLIS acknowledges the complexity of ICT standardization, which increasingly comprises not only of multiple technologies but also of multiple organisations and structures which have to cooperate with each other. Its creation draws on many years' of experience in interoperability acquired through ETSI's former Protocols & Testing Centre (PTCC) and Plugtests™.

Positioned towards the product end of the value chain, INTEROPOLIS will offer customers:

• Test methodology & development (consulting, design, development)
• Pragmatic operational interoperability initiatives (including PlugtestsTM interop events)
• Training (testing methodologies, TTCN-3, validation best practice, test tool engineering)
• Test tool engineering (consulting, support to build solutions, promotion of open solutions)
• Technologies validation (support and technical expertise for validation schemes)

ETSI Director-General, Walter Weigel said:

'With globalisation, markets for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) are convergent and increasingly complex. ETSI's launch of INTEROPOLIS recognises the global need for greater interoperability, and coupled with our Forapolis service positions ETSI as a world leader in services related to Standardization by offering a complete set of tools to support the full development process chain from idea to product placement'.

ETSI Vice President, Standards Enabling Services, Jorgen Friis said:

'Whereas our service Forapolis is technology-enabling, INTEROPOLIS is product-enabling. This double-offering is a major step forward for all those with a stake in seeing improved ICT interoperability, such as working groups and Fora'. 


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