ETSI test event proves Interoperability between IMS Networks based on 3GPP and ETSI TISPAN Standards

TURIN, Italy - October 15th, 2007  

ETSI today announced the successful completion of an IMS NNI (Network-to-Network Interface) interoperability event based on publicly available test specifications.

The principle aims of the event were to:

• Enable participants to evaluate the level of Interoperability of IMS networks
• Assess the quality of 3GPP™ and TISPAN IMS specifications

These aims have been well-met with interoperability between multiple vendors over a variety of configurations being proven beyond expectations. During the event over 479 tests have been executed and 93 % interoperability has been observed.

Interoperability for basic services using freely available soft clients running over different IMS configurations has been tested, allowing participants to evaluate the interfaces used to connect IMS networks.
The event was hosted by Telecom Italia - Testing Labs department, which provided technical support and facilities for the event. IMS Core Network equipment taking part in the IMS NNI tests was either locally or remotely connected to Telecom Italia Lab network infrastructure. Vendors Participants included, Ericsson, Huawei Technologies, Italtel and Cisco Systems, Nokia Siemens Networks, Reef Point, Thomson-NIS, operators observing the event included, France Telecom Orange, Mobitel, Telecom Italia, Vodafone UK limited.

The event was organized by the ETSI Plugtests™ Service and the test descriptions underpinning the event were developed by ETSI Technical Committee TISPAN (WG6). Technical experts from ETSI were responsible, at the event, for collecting feedback on the base specifications for later submission to TISPAN and 3GPP. 

What they said about this event:

Christoph Aktas, Nokia Siemens Networks, Director, Next Generation Voice and Multimedia business line said: 'We are very pleased to work with ETSI and our hosts - Telecom Italia Labs - in this Plugtests event, which has proved our collective adherence to and strong support for open standards.'

'Huawei supports open interfaces and Eco-Systems in adherence with 3GPP and TISPAN standards, which has permitted great success in integrating our solutions in multi-vendor environments. This Plugtests event is a chance for all vendors and operators to put 'hands on labs', meet together and discuss and highlight all the possible issues.' said Mr. Zha Jun, the Vice President of Huawei IMS Product line.

Magnus Furustam, Head of Product Area Core & IMS, Ericsson said: 'This ETSI IMS Core Networks Interoperability Evaluation is a very important step towards the introduction of TISPAN / 3GPP Multimedia Telephony (MMTel) as the new world standard for IP telephony. Its success proves that the IMS standard has been accepted widely in the telecom industry. Ericsson will continue to actively support this type of initiatives in order to achieve full interoperability for IMS Multimedia Telephony services.'
'Italtel and Cisco are strongly committed towards the IMS evolution and are supporting the upgrade from the existing infrastructure and products to the IMS standard in order to allow customers to deliver innovative services, regardless of the technology and the platforms that are used,' commented Franco Serio, Italtel's CTO of Multimedia Products and Solutions.  Rubens Malloggi, Cisco Strategic Alliance Manager for Italtel, added: 'For 7 years Cisco and Italtel have been working together developing standards-based solutions for Service Providers.  This event was an excellent opportunity for the alliance to showcase its jointly developed IMS solution, and further extend our commitment to interoperability.'

'Reef Point was pleased to participate in the IMS testing organized by ETSI and Telecom Italia', said Scott Poretsky Reef Point's Director of Carrier Network Engineering, 'This event provided the opportunity to test interoperability of our convergence gateway with leading IMS ecosystems solutions providers.'

Pascal Mayeux, IMS Product Line Manager of Thomson said:
'Thomson strategy on Voice and Video solutions is based on IMS architecture. Thomson believes that IMS is a key evolution of Telecommunication Industry and this Plugtests is a successful step into the achievement of interoperable IMS networks and benefits to both vendors and operators'.

Anthony Wiles, Director of ETSI s Centre for Testing and Interoperability and responsible for the ETSI Plugtests service observed: 'We have worked with a group of highly competent partners to overcome the challenges of setting up this technically complex event. The coming together of IMS vendors, operators and test tool vendors at a single venue is a positive step towards successful interoperability'.


Notes for Editors

This event was sponsored generously by the eEurope Initiative of the European Commission ( and Nokia Siemens Networks (
Technical support was provided by the hosts - Telecom Italia ( and the ETSI Plugtests Service (, and technical expertise was provided by IIT (

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