ETSI IMS Interoperability event to be hosted by Telecom Italia

Sophia Antipolis, 16th July 2007

ETSI is pleased to announce an important event in the evaluation of IMS network interoperability which will take place at Telecom Italia, Turin, Italy from October 8th to 12th 2007, organized by the ETSI PlugtestsTM Service.

The event is open to IMS equipment vendors and operators as well as ETSI Members and non-members.

ETSI plays a key role in the development of IMS in its capacity as a partner in the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPPTM).

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The development of interoperable standards is a strategic aim for ETSI and the importance it attaches to common IMS is further demonstrated by the choice of ETSI Technical Committee (TC) TISPAN to place 3GPPTM IMS at the heart of its Next Generation Network (NGN) standards as part of a continuing aim to ensure their high quality.

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The principle aims of the event are to:

Enable participants to assess the level of interoperability of IMS network implementations and IMS-based applications based on Release 6 3GPPTM standards.

Improve the quality of 3GPPTM IMS specifications by detecting any interoperability issues

Ease the introduction of IMS systems by providing the means to solve interoperability problems before widespread deployment.

The event will evaluate IMS interoperability by focusing on early services which will require IMS support, in particular basic call services. The test descriptions which will be the basis of the event have been developed by ETSI TC TISPAN WG6.

Using IMS soft clients or mobile user equipment running over different IMS network configurations and potentially connected with basic application servers, participants will be able to evaluate interoperability on interfaces used to connect IMS networks together.

The public website for the event is at


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