SIM card, handset and infrastructure Interoperability testing at ETSI

Sophia Antipolis, 12th June 2007

SIM card, handset and infrastructure testing has been successfully completed this week by ETSI Plugtests™ the interoperability service, in cooperation with SIMalliance.

A major part of the event was the SIM - Handset interoperability workshop, with operator deployment of new (U)SIM services now about to be launched, the workshop allowed companies to test - with partners and competitors - the behaviour of key USIM features in their products.

This year, the SIM PLUGTESTSTM has enlarged its scope by adding a new interoperability workshop 'Fast Data Transfer over IP using BIP and CAT-TP', involving a 3-party program for cards, mobiles and real life infrastructure for (U)SIM access Over The Air.

USIM card suppliers from SIMalliance, handset manufacturers and OTA platform providers have successfully demonstrated the high level of interoperability of this data transfer technology allowing network operators to have greater confidence in the ability for the fast data transfer of large data packets over IP to the SIM.

Eric Laffont and Amedeo Veneroso, Chairmen of the involved Working Groups said:

'This latest ETSI PLUGTESTSTM event confirms SIMalliance's strong commitment in promoting (U)SIM card ecosystems by supporting interoperability in telecom environments.

Since the very beginning, SIMalliance has supported organization of the ETSI SIM PLUGTESTSTM events, paving the way for the interoperability of Java Card application and interoperability between SIM and Handset to reduce market fragmentation.'


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With SIMalliance members* now responsible for nine in every ten SIM cards sold worldwide, the collective vision of the association is uniquely placed to shape SIM developments and the impact they will have on the new generation of mobile services. From their standpoint, the challenge couldn't be clearer for the protagonists in the mobile eco-system.

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