DECT reaches a New Generation

Sophia Antipolis, 10th May 2007

The Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECTTM) standard is an ETSI best-seller and interest is high in the publication of the first New Generation DECTTM specification on wideband speech, with the specification on the support of IP Packet data over DECTTM coming in the next few weeks. 

In 2006, the DECTTM Forum approached ETSI with market requirements for new products for wireless communications and multimedia applications. In just a few months the DECTTM Technical Committee has produced the first specifications to meet market demand.

New Generation DECTTM (NG DECT) will allow improved voice quality and listening comfort via wideband speech (150 Hz - 7000 Hz range). The Standard will also provide the specifications that bring IP-systems and DECTTM together, to achieve consistent data rates of 384 kilobits per second and up to 20 megabits per second for future products.

Günter Kleindl, the ETSI DECTTM Chairman, said:

'All involved in the work have shown a real commitment to develop the standards to meet industry's requirements. Specialist experts have taken time away from their day jobs to work on the task - showing the support of the ETSI Member companies and the emphasis that has been placed on achieving demanding time-to-market targets.'

ETSI Technical Report - TR 102 570 - provides an overview of New Generation DECT. The Technical Specifications for New Generation DECTTM are outlined in that Technical Report.

ETSI TS 102 527, Part 1, defines the features of New Generation DECTTM, concentrating on wideband speech.

ETSI TS 102 527, Part 2, will specify the Support of transparent IP Packet data. This specification will be available by the end of 1H2007.

The European Standard for DECT - EN 300 175 Part 1 to 8 - is the DECTTM 'base standard'. This has been updated to include NG DECTTM features like video-telephony and wide band speech coding.

The DECTTM Forum is promoting NG DECTTM technology through its certification programme; CAT-iq, a Trade Mark registered by DECTTM Forum.  
Details of that campaign are available from

With a market that spans over 100 countries with dedicated DECTTM spectrum and with sales of over 64 Million DECTTM handsets a year, New Generation DECTTM is sure to be another best-seller for the DECTTM Forum and ETSI.


DECTTM is a Trade Mark of ETSI registered for the benefit of its Members

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