Standards makers agree to cooperation on the GRID

Sophia Antipolis, 10th May 2007

A new Memorandum of Understanding between ETSI and the Open Grid Forum (OGF) has advanced standardization efforts in GRID computing and telecommunications.

The two organizations are working together to ensure that their standards for GRID communications are written with common goals by their respective industrial and the research communities.

This week ETSI Technical Committee GRID has co-located its meeting with the Open Grid Forum's 20th meeting in Manchester, UK. The meeting has re-enforced links between ETSI and key groups of the OGF, including the Telecomm Community Group (TELCO-CG) and the Standards development organizations Collaboration on networked Resources Management Group (SCRM-WG).

Convergence between IT (Information Technology) and Telecommunications demands interoperable solutions, to ensure that connectivity goes beyond the local network. ETSI and the OGF believe that this week's co-hosted meetings and the new MoU signed by the two organizations have shown their commitment to driving this work forward.


Notes to editors

About ETSI

ETSI unites almost 700 member organizations from 63 countries, including manufacturers, network operators, administrations, service providers, research bodies and users – in fact, all the key players in the ICT Standards arena.

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About the Open Grid Forum

The Open Grid Forum (OGF) is a community of users, developers, and vendors leading the global standardization effort for grid computing. The OGF community consists of thousands of individuals in industry and research, representing over 400 organizations in more than 50 countries.

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About ETSI Technical Committee GRID

TC GRID's initial goal is to address issues associated with the convergence between IT (Information Technology) and Telecommunications, with particular reference to the lack of interoperable GRID solutions in situations which involve contributions from both the IT and Telecom industries.

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The ETSI PlugtestsTM is a professional service provided by the ETSI Centre for Testing and Interoperability, specializing in running interoperability test events for a wide range of telecommunications, Internet, broadcasting and multimedia converging standards.

ETSI Centre for Testing and Operability (CTI) PlugtestsTM, INRIA ( and the CoreGRID ( Network of Excellence regularly bring together Grid Researchers, Industrials and Users, to study features needed for the Grid platform, to learn how to best program Grid aware applications and to get important feedback on the deployment and interoperability of Grid applications.

The European Commission supports cooperation on Standardization and Interoperability testing for the GRID. Since 2004, the Commission has provided expertise and funding for a series of ETSI hosted GRID PlugtestsTM. In 2007, the PLUGTESTSTM event for GRID will build on the ETSI / OGF MoU by expanding test cases to include ByteIO and GridRPC standards from the OGF.

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