Software testing community celebrates the launch of the TTCN-3 Certificate

Sophia Antipolis,  14th March 2007

The 'Testing and Test Control Notation Version 3 (TTCN-3) Certificate' has been jointly endorsed by three of the leading champions of the language - The International Software Qualification Institute (iSQI), The German Testing Board (GTB) and ETSI.

Now that the first professional qualification in TTCN-3 is established along international quality criteria for qualification and certification, Anthony Wiles - the ETSI Protocol & Testing Competence Centre manager - hopes that International recognition will follow. Anthony Wiles said today:

'The use of the ETSI TTCN-3 Test Specifications is growing, to the extent that a professional qualification in its use will be of great value to technicians and to their employers.

The possession of the TTCN-3 Certificate - from the iSQI exam, the German Testing Board syllabus and based on ETSI's Standard for TTCN-3 - is set to become a valuable asset for engineers working in this area.'

TTCN-3 is a standardized language, specifically designed for testing software used in systems. The language is successfully used in the development of conformance tests for a variety of applications, including - Session Initiation Protocol for Voice over IP, the IPv6 Core, Digital Mobile Radio, HiperMAN / WiMax and for 3GPPTM IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS).

Now TTCN-3 is set to spread into new domains beyond telecom. In May 2007 the annual TTCN-3 User Conference will be presented with new Case Studies from the Transport and Financial sectors on the use of TTCN.

The first exams for the TTCN-3 Certificate are set to take place at the TTCN-3 User Conference, in Stockholm. Conference details are at


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About ETSI

ETSI unites over 650 members from 61 countries, including manufacturers, network operators, administrations, service providers, research bodies and users - in fact, all the key players in the ICT Standards arena.

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About TTCN

TTCN has been developed and is maintained by the Methods for Testing and Specification Technical Committee (TC-MTS) at ETSI. This group is composed of leading testing experts from industry and academia as well as members of ETSI's own Protocol Testing Competence Centre (PTCC). TTCN-3 was born out of TTCN-2 which had been maintained by the same group. TTCN testing technology has been applied widely and successfully in European industry, ETSI standardization, and certification for more than a decade.

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