Operational deployment of RFID a step closer

Sophia Antipolis,  29th September 2006

The recent performance of RFID in Europe means operational deployment of RFID is much closer.

This follows the announcement by ETSI Technical Group, TG34, that voluntary agreement has been secured between manufacturers to restrict the operation of interrogators in the band 865 - 868 MHz to only 4 channels.

At its meeting last week in Montegrotto, TG34 members also expressed satisfaction at the results of tests which they supervised in September and which were conducted at an operational distribution centre in Unna, Germany.

RFID manufacturers from Europe and the USA participated in the tests, which involved the use of up to 36 adjacent dock doors.

During the tests, pallets containing 62 tagged cartons were pushed simultaneously through dock doors and the number of missing tags analysed. Despite cartons containing 'RF unfriendly' materials, missed tags typically numbered less than 1.5%.

The tests validated the 'sychronisation' technique which allows multiple interrogators to transmit simultaneously on the same channel.

TG34 Chairman, John Falck said:

'The past 18 months have seen progressive improvement in the performance of RFID, in some very demanding situations.' Referring to the decision at the TG 34 meeting Mr. Falck continued; 'This will ensure compatibility between RFID systems operating in adjacent sites and augers well for RFID's operational deployment'.

In the short term, TG34 will now generate a Technical Specification which will describe the operation of synchronisation. Ultimately, TG34 anticipate seeking the abrogation of listen before talk (LBT) in Rec 70-03 and the generation of a revised version of the standard EN 302 208.


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