ETSI Plugtests service continues interoperability success with ETSI HiperMAN and WiMAX

Sophia Antipolis,  22th March 2006

ETSI Plugtests™ Service is pleased to announce the success of its latest interoperability event, the 3rd WiMAX Forum™  PlugFest from the 12th to 19th March 2006, at ETSI Headquarters in Sophia Antipolis, France.

ETSI in collaboration with CETECOM Spain and the WiMAX Forum hosted 10 Equipment vendors: Airspan Networks Inc., Axxcelera Broadband Wireless, Delta Networks, Inc., MITAC, Picochip Inc, Proxim Wireless Corporation, Redline Communications, Sequans Communications, Vcom Inc., and Wavesat Inc.. In addition, Invenova Corporation participated in the event with their protocol conformance tester.

The event was an excellent opportunity for WiMAX Forum member companies to bring together their prototypes or planned commercial hardware and work closely together to find and resolve any interoperability problems. In this way, vendors were provided with the opportunity to address potential ambiguities and to improve the testing scenarios and capabilities in a technology standard. This event will greatly contribute in bringing equipment vendors closer to achieving certification.

Ed Agis, the WiMAX Forum Certification Working Group Co-Chairman stated the following:

''We are seeing new vendors participating in the WiMAX PlugFests with increased readiness to perform interoperability tests. At this early stage we already have vendors with established service flows providing data links amongst various participating vendors. This stage is essential in showing interoperability amongst the participating vendors in order to test other certification requirements.''

Plans are now in the development for future collaboration of PlugFest events for 2006 - 2007 between ETSI and the WiMAX Forum.

This event was organized in the context of the cooperation agreement between ETSI and the WiMAX Forum. Beyond the organization of PlugFest events the agreement incorporates the harmonization of relevant parts of IEEE 802.16 and ETSI HiperMAN standards and joint development of protocol conformance test specifications that are one of the essential elements of the WiMAX Forum Certified™ program. The Technical Committee BRAN (Broadband Radio Access Networks) is the home to these activities at ETSI where HiperAccess and HiperMAN standards and WiMAX/HiperMAN test specifications are developed, with extensive support of ETSI's Protocol and Testing Competence Centre (PTCC).


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