CAdES Remote Plugtests 2015

  • 11 June – 24 July 2015Add this to my calendar
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The remote Plugtests™ interoperability event that will be held from 11 June to 24 July 2015, will concentrate on CAdES Digital Signatures. This remote event aims to conduct conformance and interoperability testing on CAdES digital signatures.

This testing will provide full test coverage of the specifications including testing signatures evolution, simulating real life situations. The tests will include creation and verification of signature and will be executed according to new draft EN 319 102 (Procedures for Signature Creation and Validation).

The testing will cover TS 101 733 but also the draft ETSI EN 319 122.The CAdES specifications are in the process of becoming EN 319 122, but drafts are publicly available for review at the following link:

319 122-1 CAdES digital signatures; Part 1: Building blocks and CAdES baseline signatures
319 122-2 CAdES digital signatures; Part 2: Extended CAdES signatures

This Plugtests event will enable participants to conduct 4 types of tests (Interoperability and Conformance):

  • Generation and cross-verification (Positive) tests
  • Signatures Augmentation and Arbitration (Positive) tests.
  • Only-verification (Negative) tests
  • Conformance testing

This activity is supported by the European Commission.