Car 2 Car Communication Consortium

In the course of its second international forum the CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium, in short C2CCC, demonstrated manufacturer spanning applications of the Car-to-X-Communication system independent of vehicle-type to a worldwide public for the first time ever.

With driving demonstrations at the testing areas of the Adam Opel GmbH cars, trucks and motorbikes of the manufacturers involved exemplify traffic situations where the Car-to-X-Communication system can particularly assist the driver, such as at urban crossroads with line-of-sight obstruction where motorbikes, emergency vehicles and in situations involving breakdown vans, Car-to-X-Communications was very effective.

In lectures and workgroups the participants of the meeting collectively discussed and elaborated the future of Car-to-X-Communication systems.

The world premier was supported technically by ETSI who evaluated the specifications and scenarios used during the interoperability demonstrations in relation to their potential for future use in standardization.