Xades 2 Remote Plugtests

ETSI organized the very first remote XAdES interoperability event, from 3 to 7 March 2008, supported by the XAdES Remote PlugtestsTM Portal. ETSI is playing a key role in the development of electronic signatures related standards, including XAdES.

The purposes of this event were to:

  • Assess the level of interoperability of XAdES
  • Improve the quality of XAdES specification, by detecting any interoperability issues
  • Identify additional issues that should be taken into account in future XAdES standardization activities
  • Ease the introduction of XAdES signatures, by providing the means to solve interoperability problems before widespread deployment

Moreover, remote participation is a significant asset to the event as particpants will not need to make expensive international travel arrangements. 

Tangible evidence of the importance of XAdES was demonstrated by the increasing levels of support at both the national legislation level within European countries, and within the marketplace where growing numbers of products now report capability for supporting XAdES signature generation and verification.

The PlugtestsTM event has evaluated XAdES interoperability by focusing on the different XAdES forms standardized in ETSI TS 101 903 v1.3.2, including XAdES-BES, XAdES-EPES, XAdES-T, XAdES-C, XAdES-X Type 1, XAdES-X Type 2, XAdES-XL and XAdES-A.

Participants were provided with sets of comprehensive test cases. Implementers used them for ascertaining that implementations produce the expected results when verifying XAdES signatures. Participants were also able to generate signatures according to the test case specifications and upload them to the portal in order these may be verified by others participants.

In addition to that, participants could also generate new test case definitions and signatures, which were taken into consideration for extending the test cases set according to ETSI’s discretion.

Participants were provided with the cryptographic material required for both generating and verifying XAdES signatures. This included among others: signer certificates, CAs certificates, CRLs, OCSP responses and time-stamps.

Participation was open to ETSI members and non-members, XAdES software vendors and vendors of platforms offering XAdES signatures production and/or verification capabilities which may ascertain the quality of their products, Service providers offering XAdES signature production and/or verification capabilities which may evaluate the platforms used in their provision of services.

This remote event was supported by the European Commission.