Air Traffic Management VoIP Plugtests 1

ETSI organized the successful first VoIP Air Traffic Management Interoperability PlugtestsTM event, held on 14-18 April 2008 at its Headquarters in France, in support of EUROCAE.

At a time when convergence of Voice and Data into one network can be seen in the marketplace and the Air Traffic Management Voice Communication System is evolving to integrate this, the capability of voice over IP technology may fulfil and improve operational and technical air traffic management communication requirements, including voice/data convergence, specific quality of service (QoS), security and safety requirements.

To ensure a high-degree of technical quality in the EUROCAE WG67 specification, this PlugtestsTM event tested the Interoperability of the first implementations compliant with the current EUROCAE WG67 draft 1 documents to be published in July 2008 for Open Consultation.

243 tests were executed during the event with 89% Interoperability observed.

Participants included:

  • five Voice Communication System Suppliers: CS SI, Frequentis, Indra, Page & Sitti
  • one Ground Radio Station Supplier: Selex Com, and
  • Air Navigation Services Providers (ANSPs) including DFS, DSNA, FAA, and the Eurocontrol Agency.

The event proved invaluable in the improvement of Interoperability by enabling the identification of 'areas for improvement' through the detection of errors and ambiguities within the current draft standards at an early stage and will accelerate the process of bringing ATM VoIP products to market in order to contribute to the implementation of the future European ATM system as defined in the framework of SESAR, the EC R&D project for a common air traffic management system in Europe.

This event was supported by the European Commission.