3rd XAdES/CAdES Remote Plugtests

The 3rd Remote Plugtests has been held from 16 to 27 February 2009. It was a combined XAdES and CAdES interoperability remote event, testing XAdES TS 101 309 v1.3.2 and CAdES TS 1.7.4.

The previous event focused on XAdES but this event was the first interoperability of CAdES Signatures.

Like previous Electronic Signature Interop event, the Plugtest has been run remotely using the CTI Plugtest Portal, which proposes Test tools, Cryptographic material and online PKI-related services (Certificates provision, OCSP server, LDAP and Time-stamp).

The event has gathered companies and organizations from Europe and Japan, reinforcing the benefit of such remote testing, avoiding travels. As participation is not is real time, it has also the advantage to test effectively without problem of time zone difference.

This event was supported by the European Commission.