Security Week

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Following our highly successful series of annual Security Workshops, we expanded our event to extend the Security Workshop with more focused thematic streams, to provide more time for networking and offered opportunities for ETSI security-related committees to hold open meetings which all delegates could attend. 

This week was an ideal opportunity to learn about the full extent of ETSI’s security related standardization. 

The ETSI Security Week consisted of:
a Workshop followed by Workshop Thematic Sessions and discussions on standardization work carried out in ETSI groups.


Each workshop, thematic session and meeting requires separate registration. Plan ahead and book your place now – space will be limited at some of the sessions. 

Event Programme  

Security Workshop
22-24 June 2015
Open to all

 pdfSecurity Workshop Agenda
 Security WS Biographies


M2M/IoT Thematic Stream
24 June 2015, pm
Open to all
in parallel with ITS and eIdas

pdfM2MIoT Agenda
M2M IoT Biographies

ITS Thematic Stream
24 June 2015, pm
Open to all
in parallel with M2M and eIdas

pdfITS thread agenda
ITS Biographies


eIDAS Thematic Stream
24 June 2015, pm
25 June 2015 all day
Open to all
in parallel with ITS and M2M

pdfeIDAS Agenda
eIDAS Biographies



TC CYBER Meeting
25 June 2015
26 June 2015


TC ESI Meeting
26 June 2015


The Security Workshop took place on 22 - 24 June.
It ended with some thematic sessions which ran in parallel on 24 June afternoon.

The Workshop :

  • Involved industry, governments, research institutions, academia, as well as European institutions and organisations outside Europe, to talk about their security related work and future plans
  • Showcased state-of-the-art security standardization technology and innovation, and discuss with speakers and audience about the making and the practical use of standards
  • Debated on specific critical issues that the security stakeholders address or intend to address, and how ETSI and other SDOs (Standard Developing Organisations) can help towards such efforts
  • Proposed demos and discussions on security weaknesses, then how to make products and services secure by design/default, and how to modify/enhance standards wherever necessary

Members of the Programme Committee

The agenda of the Security Workshop was prepared by the following people:

  • Charles Brookson, ETSI TC CYBER chairman
  • Marijke De Soete, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC27 vice chair
  • Riccardo Genghini, ETSI TC ESI chairman
  • Simon Hicks, ETSI GA Chairman
  • Carmine Rizzo, ETSI
  • Bengt Sahlin, Ericsson
  • Adrian Scrase, ETSI
  • Andrew Shields, ETSI ISG QKD chairman
  • Klaus Vedder, ETSI TC SCP chairman
  • Claire Vishik, Intel
  • Dirk Weiler, ETSI Board chairman

Download the pdfSecurity Workshop Agenda and pdfSecurity WS Speakers' Biographies.

Monday 22 June

1330 Opening


Session 1: Setting the Scene
Governments, EC, ENISA to put forward views on what security is required in the next 5-10 years.
1545 Coffee Break
1615  Security Strategy round table: What should be the future medium and long term strategy for Standards? 
1730 Networking Session

Tuesday 23 June

0900 Session 2: Demos and discussions on security weaknesses
1030 Coffee
1115 Roud table: How do we make sure standards have security by design/default?
1230 Networking Lunch
1400 Session 3: Security in other Standards and Industry Forums: e.g. ISO, ITU, CEN/CENELEC, NIST, W3C..  
Strategic overviews - stress on Privacy work.
1530 Coffee Break
1615 Round Table: How can standards help towards overall privacy for the citizen?
1730 Networking Session

Wednesday 24 June

0900 Session 4 : ETSI Standardization work
1030 Coffee
1115 Workshop key lessons
1145 Open session: With the audience on key lessons
1230 Networking Lunch

The Security workshop was followed by Thematic Streams running in parallel on:

  • Machine to Machine and Iot (M2M/IoT) Security
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Security
  • Electronic Identification and Signature (eIDAS)

Wednesday 24 June, starting at 14.00, the Security Workshop was split into three parallel thematic streams:

  • (Cyber) Security Assurance in ITS, Wednesday pm
  • M2M/IoT Security, Wednesday pm
  • Electronic Identification and Signature (eIDAS)
     started on Wednesday pm and went on to Thursday. 

(Cyber) security assurance in ITS

The stream addressed the following topics:

  • The threat landscape of connected vehicles;
  • ITS Security assurance (how do I know security in ITS actually works?);
  • ITS integration to smart city;
  • Resolving the security/privacy/safety conundrum; and
  • Standardisation roles in making the ITS market.

Download the pdfITS thread agenda 


The M2M/IoT Security stream addressed the following topics:

  • The M2M trust chain: Challenges to overcome for securing M2M deployments
  • Field experience in securing critical infrastructures (Smart Energy)
  • Existing M2M Security Standards and how they can help
  • Is privacy an enabler for M2M/IoT and how to address this concern
  • What new security challenges will arise from the evolution to IoT

Download the pdfM2MIoT Agenda and pdfM2M IoT Speakers' biographies.

eIDAS: Filling the standardization gaps for the eIDAS Regulation and beyond

This session will address how to fill the standardization gaps in order to support Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 for the following topics:

  • eID
  • Assuring the trust infrastructure for signatures and eID
  • eDelivery
  • Signatures in mobile environment
  • How easy it is to create and validate an electronic signature across the EU

Download the pdfeIDAS Agenda and pdfeIDAS Speakers' biographies


Participation at TC CYBER#4 was open to all ETSI Members upon registration.
Non ETSI Members could attend upon request to the TC officials at the time of registration. 

Objectives of the TC CYBER#4 Meeting

  • Propose and start new work as a result of the outcome of the week of Security Week
  • Progress on Cyber Security standardization work started in previous meetings and approve the publication of a first set of ETSI standards on Cyber Security
  • Align work with other ETSI groups, coordinate work with external groups and enhance collaboration with other SDOs in a context of global Cyber Security efforts
  • Involve participants of the Security Week including non ETSI Members in order to expand the range of ideas and proposals for future standardization work
You can see the TC CYBER Terms of Reference and Work Programme where one can find more information on the standards TC CYBER is currently working on, e.g. the scope of each document.


ETSI's Industry Specification Group (ISG) Information Security Indicators (ISI) works for the development of a full set of Information Security Indicators as a way to assess security measures level of effectiveness, as well as well as a comprehensive security event classification model covering incidents, vulnerabilities and nonconformities, and ways to assess the maturity level regarding overall event detection through dedicated KPIs.
ISG ISI experts met on Thursday 25 June to further develop their Group Specification. Participation to this meeting was restricted to this ISG members. 


Participation at ESI#51 was open to all ETSI Members upon registration. The meeting took place on 26 June.
Non ETSI Members could attend upon request to the TC officials at the time of registration. 

Objectives of ESI#51

  • review and approve the technical report on the structure of digital signatures standards.
  • review and approve business guidance technical reports on the use of digital signatures standards for
    * signature creation and validation,
    * signature creation and other related devices,
    * trust service providers supporting digital signatures,
    * Trust Application Services Providers
  • review and approve General Requirements on Policy and Conformity Assessment for digital signature creation and validation