3rd eCall TESTFEST

eCall lead image

ERTICO-ITS Europe, in partnership with ETSI, organised the 3rd eCall Interoperability TESTFEST event from 27 to 31 October 2014, in the CTAG test lab in Vigo, Spain in cooperation with CETECOM and the HeERO2 project.

Interoperability and eCall service harmonization are critical challenges to be taken into account for the successful deployment and operation of the eCall service.

The 3rd eCall TESTFEST event enabled vendors to run interoperability test sessions using test descriptions provided in approved guidelines. The event brought more value with the debriefing sessions where experts could answer technical questions or solve interoperability issues. Additionally, compliancy and performance checking sessions were scheduled to complement the interoperability tests.

New IVS (In Vehicle System) and PSAP (Public Safety Answering Points) vendors from all over the world joined in the TESTFEST event. Carrying out thousands of tests, participants had the opportunity to test compliancy, interoperability and essential performance of their eCall implementations.

The event proved to be an important one, not only due to its large attendance, but also because new test tools allowed for instance compliancy and speech quality testing. Representing three continents, from small enterprises to global corporations, research institutes and national ministries, the world of eCall engineering was represented at this TESTFEST. During the five days of the event, hundreds of pairing sessions were organised. Each session, lasting two hours, allowed one IVS unit to test with one PSAP unit or against a test system. This set-up, combined with the collaboration between parties, allowed engineers to understand and improve – if needed – their implementation. After each day of testing, a briefing enabled all participants to share their feedback and discuss the eCall standards with the supporting experts.
Considering the obvious and natural imbalance between IVS and PSAP systems vendors, the event was made possible thanks to the special commitment from PSAP suppliers and operators, directly at the TESTFEST, or remotely by allowing real operators to answer test eCalls, as was the case in Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain. Simulators and test systems were also available for the IVS units, providing a broad range of validation scenarios.
All test results were reported using the ETSI test reporting tool. This allowed all participants to receive a report with the results of all test sessions they attended.

This activity was supported by the European Commission.