e-Signature Validation Remote Plugtests 2014

This remote Plugtests interoperability event concentrates on validation of ETSI advanced electronic signatures. Originally planned to be held from 03 November to 21 November 2014, the event is extended by two weeks due to a high participation (61 companies).

The event will facilitate the implementation of Commission Decision 2011/130/EC, which requires Member States to be able to process documents signed with XAdES, PAdES, CAdES, and ASiC. In this respect, the event aims at checking the interoperability of e-Signatures in order to detect possible issues which may lead to different validation results.

This testing allows EU Member States representatives and third parties on Member States’ behalf to test their e-Signature validation tools in order to cross-validate e-Signatures in any of the ETSI advanced formats, relying on EU Member States' Trusted Lists.

The signature formats addressed in this remote Plugtests event are:

  • XAdES: XML Advanced Electronic Signature
  • PAdES: PDF Advanced Electronic Signature
  • CAdES: CMS Advanced Electronic Signature
  • ASiC: Associated Signature Container

The participants were requested to provide their signatures during the event preparation, shortly after the summer period. Then the above-mentioned signatures are being cross-validated by the participants using EUMS’ corresponding Trusted List during the Plugtests event from 3rd November to 08th December 2014.

 As this is a REMOTE event, there is no need for the participants to travel to the ETSI premises and all signature exchanges and verifications are performed via the dedicated portal http://xades-portal.etsi.org.