Porvoo 18 Conference

  • 22-23 May 2014Add this to my calendar
  • There is no charge for this event
  • Sophia Antipolis, Franceexpand

The Porvoo Group and ETSI are pleased to invite you to the Porvoo 18 Conference hosted by ETSI that will take place on 22 and 23 May 2014 in the ETSI headquarters in Sophia Antipolis, France.

The Porvoo Group is an international cooperative network coordinated by the Population Register Centre of Finland. Its primary goal is to promote a trans-national, interoperable e-ID based on PKI technology (Public Key Infrastructure), smart cards and chip ID cards, as well as secure e-services in Europe.

Areas of interest

The conference will focus on e-ID solutions for governments and public services, in particular: 

  • drivers and requirements
  • state of the art technical developments including the latest approaches of strong identity and authentication matters
  • regulatory context , e.g. status of eIDAS

The conference will also hold a “Country Update” session where the participating countries will present their respective situation i.e. recent developments and governmental outputs and where those stand in terms of standards developments.

Programme Committee

  • Ms. Tuire Saaripuu, Chair of the Porvoo Group, Head of Registration, the Population Register Centre of Finland
  • Mr. Kari Lang, Chairman ETSI Board ad hoc on Smart Security
  • Ms. Margot Dor, ETSI Director Strategy Development
  • Mr. Xavier Piednoir, ETSI Technical Officer Smart Card Platform and 3GPP CT6


Session 1   Conference Opening - Introducing Smart Solutions
Chair Ms Tuire Saaripu, Chair of the Porvoo Group

09:00 Welcome
Mr. Luis Jorge Romero, ETSI Director-General
09:15 Opening speech, Follow up Porvoo 17
Ms. Tuire Saaripuu, Chair of the Porvoo Group
09:30 About ETSI and its activities (ETSI organization, Stakeholders)
Setting the scene, Mr. Luis Jorge Romero
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 STORK 2.0 supporting European Identity, Mr. Robin Walker, UK Cabinet Office and Mr. Arvid Welin, Stockholm University
11:00 eIDAS token specification, Ms. Marie Figarella,  ACSIEL Digital Identity Chairman
11:30 Secure Mobile Identity Services for Consumers, Mr. Janne Jutila, GSMA
12:00 Lunch Break Courtesy of ETSI
Session 2   European Initiatives and Research
Chair Ms. Tuire Saaripuu, Chair of the Porvoo Group
13:30 Cross-Border e-Signature and User Authentication Service, Mr. Tiit Anmann, SignWise
14:00 Mobile-ID as enabler for Government services, Mr. Jürgen Niinre, AS EMT
14:30 FP7  FUTUREID, Mr. Jon Shamah, EJ Consultants
15:00 Coffee Break and free discussion
15:30 Privacy with attribute based credentials, Mr. Fatbardh Veseli, ABC4Trust/Goethe University Frankfurt


eID in governmental environment, Ms. Kristiina Pietikäinen, Finland's Permanent Representation to the European Union
16:30 Wrap up of the first day topics and discussion
17:00 End of Day 1
Networking cocktail sponsored by ETSI


Session 3 Governmental Use Cases and Country Updates
Chair Mr. Kari Lang, ETSI Board
09:00 Introduction of the topics of the day
09:15 About TC ESI and its activities, Ms. Sylvie Lacroix, SEALED
eIDAS in perspective of legislation and standardization activities, Ms. Sylvie Lacroix, SEALED
09:45 The eIDAS Token Specification (TR 03110), Ms. Gisela Meister, DIN, Germany
10:15 Country Update from the United Kingdom, Mr. Robin Walker, UK Cabinet Office
10:45 Coffee Break
Session 4 Country Updates and Further Requirements for eID cases
Chair Ms. Tuire Saaripuu, Chair of the Porvoo Group
11:15 Country Update from Belgium, Mr. Bart Vrancken, Federal Public Service Interior of Belgium
11:45 Country Update from Estonia, Mr. Mark Erlich, Estonian Information system Authority
12:15 Lunch Break Courtesy of ETSI
13:45 Country Update from Finland, Finnish open Gateway, Ms. Tuire Saaripuu, Head of Registration, the Population Register Centre of Finland
14:15 Summary and resolutions, next cooperative actions, administrative issues conclusion, final words
14:30 Coffee Break
15:00 Country representatives' round table session on use cases and requirements
15:30 End of the Porvoo 18 Conference


Ms. Marie Figarella, Vice-President, Institutional Relations, Governmental Programs, Gemalto
Marie Figarella is Vice-President, Institutional Relations, for Governmental Programs at Gemalto (www.gemalto.com). Marie began working at Gemplus in 1999 as a project manager in charge of the Slovenian health card contract, she then took over the management of the project team within the Gemplus Consulting Department. Before joining Gemplus, she worked for the Sagem Group in the Optronics and Defense Division and from 1991 to 1999 for Matra Transport where she was involved in various projects such as the implementation of the automated Line C of the Prague subway. Marie is chairman of the ACSIEL Digital Identity Group since 2012. She is a graduate from the Ecole Centrale de Marseille (1987) and has a business administration diploma from IAE Aix-en-Provence (1988). She is an auditor of the IHEDN (Institut des Hautes Etudes de Défense Nationale), promotion 187 (2011).

LacroixMs. Sylvie Lacroix, CISA, Managing Director of SEALED
Sylvie Lacroix, is an e-Security & e-Solutions consultant with 20 years of experience in e-Security. With a Master from the Ecole Polytechnique de Louvain background, Sylvie started her career as researcher in cryptography. She acquired significant experience in business representation and exploitation of security, cryptography and PKI topics, through the complete set-up of the Belgacom (and then Certipost) E-Trust Services (electronic identity certification & timestamping services) and the implementation of major projects in e-Security within Europe, such as eID cards and ePassports PKI projects. Sylvie was expert for several European studies on eSignatures, such as CROBIES that served as a milestone to the European Decision on Trusted List for Supervised/Accredited CSP and the IAS study around the preparation of the draft Regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market. She worked specifically on e-government projects for 14 years, serving prestigious organisations such as European Governments, the European Commission and large enterprises.

niinreJürgen Niinre, AS EMT
Jürgen Niinre, aged 36, graduated Tartu University, Estonia on Economics and Business Administration, 1999.
During 2000-2001 Jürgen was involved in creating first Certification Centre in Estonia and launching ID card in 2002.
From 2006 he was involved as a project manager in creating the Mobile ID service at mobile operator EMT. The service was endorsed by Government of Estonia in 2011 to issue mobile identity to natural persons for using Governmental services, including internet voting.
Since 2014 Jürgen has started working on the project of upgrading the Mobile-ID service in Estonia to adopt additional security features.

PietikainenMrs. Kristiina Pietikäinen, Counsellor, Permanent Representation of Finland to the EU
- masters degree in communications and sociology from the University of Helsinki 1990
- comes from Finland where she has worked for the ministry of transport and communications since 1995 latest as a Deputy Director of the Communications Policy Department.
- Is an expert in the field of electronic communications policy and has been doing information society policy coordination for the Finnish government and participated to the European information society strategy for more than 10 years.
- has worked for the European Commission as a national expert 2010 - 2013
- has participated to the international cooperation for example in the OECD and is a former chair of the board of ENISA (European Network and Information Security Agency).

romeroLuis Jorge Romero, ETSI
Luis Jorge Romero, Director General of ETSI, has more than 20-years experience in the telecommunications sector. Previously he has held diverse Director positions in Spain, Morocco and Mexico, predominantly with Telefonica. As Global Director for International Roaming and Standards, and Director of Innovation and Standards, he oversaw Telefonica's participation in global standardization activities, and participated directly in the work of the Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance and in the GSM Association (GSMA). Before joining ETSI in July 2011, he held the position of Director General of Innosoft and was also a partner and board member of Madrid-based Innology Ventures.

Tuire Saaripuu, Porvoo Group
Tuire Saaripuu has worked since 1998 in Population Register Centre Finland, currently in Certification Authority Services Unit. She is the Head of Registration activities, Chair of one of the VAHTI security activities, Head of legal department and the coordination of certificate policy. She is also Chair of the Porvoo Group. She has long national and European experience in digital signature and identity environment, including cyber security. Tuire Saaripuu holds Licenciate of Laws -degree from the University of Helsinki.

ShamahMr. Jon Shamah, EJ Consultants
Jon Shamah is a graduate of Southampton University, specialising in Aeronautics & Astronautics.
A Chartered Information Technology Professional, and a recognised international digital Identity & Trust Subject Matter Expert, he specialises in maximising the technology and operational value chain of very large scale eID programmes. He focusses on critical national infrastructures and national programmes.
Jon was the recipient of the 2009 EEMA Fellowship Award for Services to European e-identity, and is currently the Vice-Chairman of EEMA. He is a frequent public speaker on issues surrounding identity and Trust and sits on the organising and programme committees of ISSE.
For over four years, Jon consulted on eID issues to the Nordic Banking and Payments Consortium, NETS, and currently contributes to European Programs such as SSEDIC, STORK2.0, ECIM, CloudforEurope and FutureID. In additon, Jon is former co-chairman of ITU-T,SG17,Joint Coordination for IDM and is a member of the Advisory Board of "Trust In Digital Life"

VeseliMr. Fatbardh Veseli, ABC4Trust/Goethe University Frankfurt
Fatbardh Veseli has a rich international background, both in the education and work experience. In 2011 he received his Master of Science degree in Information Security from Gjøvik University College in Norway. He worked for his master thesis under the co-supervision of Professor Christof Paar at Chair for Embedded Security of Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany), and Professor Stephen Wolthusen from the Norwegian Security Laboratory in Gjøvik (Norway). In this thesis, Fatbardh was engaged in the HIKOS project, where he contributed to the development of a smarter, highly-secure hardware solution for software copy protection and to performing a security analysis for it. Fatbardh obtained two Bachelor of Science degrees, one in Computer Science and another one in Management and Informatics, both from the University of Prishtina (Kosovo). As for his work experience, Fatbardh was previously engaged in software development initially at Komtel Project Engineering in Kosovo and later at Capesso a.s. in Norway. Furthemore, Fatbardh has also earned experience in the banking sector during his work at ProCredit Bank Kosovo, as well in the public sector at the Chief Executive Office of the Municipality of Gjilan (Kosovo). Currently, he is part of the coordinating team at the European project ABC4Trust and teaching assistant at Goethe University Frankfurt. At the same time, he is working on his PhD thesis and his research interests include issues around privacy-enhancing technologies, attribute-based credentials, identity management and smart card applications.

WelinArvid Welin, Stockholm university, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences
Arvid Welin obtained his Law degree at the Stockholm University in 1972. He worked as a lawyer until 1977 and as a project manager in the fields of Organisations and Personnel Development until 1984. After that as an IT-manager to develop and maintain the PC platform for the Swedish Tax and Enforcement services. 1998- 2005 with business development and as a procurement manager. Later he was a project manager with Government assignments in the fields of eProcurement and eSignature. Welin has represented Sweden in STORK and for 1½ years co-chaired that LSP. He also participated in the technical expert group for the Services Directive on behalf of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Presently Welin represents Sweden in the STORK 2.0 LSP and also acts as a leader of Marketing, Communication and Dissemination of that project.

VranckenMr. Bart Vrancken, Federal Public Service Interior of Belgium
Bart Vrancken has been working as a software engineer in several organisations before joining Bell Labs in 2007 as Expert Research Engineer. His research focus was on security, content distribution and context-related augmented reality.
In 2011, he joined the National Registry in the Federal Public Service Home Affairs with a special focus on modernising the organisation. After the launch of some successful web applications that made a simplification in the administration and an augmentation in security, and after strong involvement in the automatic voting system, he became head of the internal development team for the eID. In September 2013, he became the head of the service eID. In this role he is involved in many projects, including biometrics, eID 10 years and driving the evolution of the Belgian eCards.

Lastname Firstname Organization Name
Al-Bakri Ban MeadowCom
Boyer Claire European Telecommunications Standards Institute
Brurberg Nils Inge Bankenes Standardiseringskontor (BSK)
Cadzow Scott Cadzow Communications Consulting Ltd.
Colazzo Laura Telecom Italia S.p.A.
Compans Sonia European Telecommunications Standards Institute
Da Silva Francisco Huawei Technologies Sweden AB
De Maria Andrea IPZS
Erlich Mark Estonian Information System Authority
Figarella Marie Gemalto SA - Government Programs
Heie Peggy Norwegian Centre for Information Security
Johnson Matthew guardtime
Jutila Janne GSMA
Kütt Andres Estonian Information System Authority
Lacroix Sylvie Sealed sprl
Lang Kari NOKIA Corporation
Lenhart Gaby European Telecommunications Standards Institute
Ling Lembitu SignWise
Niinre Jürgen EMT
Pietikäinen Kristiina Permanent Representation of Finland to the EU
Ramanan Sivasubramaniam NEC EUROPE LTD
Romero Luis Jorge European Telecommunications Standards Institute
Rouchouze Bruno gemalto - Cluster SCS
Saaripuu Tuire Population Register Centre
Shamah Jon FutureID
Veseli Fatbardh Goethe-University Frankfurt
Vrancken Bart Federal Public Service Interior
Walker Robin United Kingdom Cabinet Office
Welin Arvid Stockholm University