Standards for an Internet of Things: A workshop co-organized by EC DG Connect and ETSI

  • 3 - 4 July 2014Add this to my calendar
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  • Sophia Antipolis, Franceexpand

The Internet of Things (IoT) refer to a dynamic global network infrastructure with self-configuring capabilities, where physical and virtual "things" have identities, physical attributes and virtual personalities, and use intelligent interfaces to connect both between themselves and to data networks.

The scope of IoT applications includes Machine-to-Machine communications and aims to go beyond M2M by enabling any object to connect and leverage the Internet and the access to information it makes possible, thus enabling informed decisions to be taken.

The subsequent evolution towards a "Web of Things" is a key development in a variety of industry sectors such as transports and connected cars, smart clothes and “body networks”, supply chain management, oil and gas industry, public services, education, health, etc.

In this context, standardization is key as it contributes to interoperability, compatibility, reliability, security and effective operations between heterogeneous technical solutions on a global scale, thereby reducing (or even eliminating) fragmentation and lock-in syndromes, as well as enabling the emergence of new business models and better service offers.

Effective standardization implies that requirements from the variety of sectors using and deploying IoT based solutions are factored in, both in their sector specific dimension as well as to examine the cross sector dependencies and opportunities.

To address this, DG CONNECT and ETSI are organizing a workshop in Sophia Antipolis on 3 and 4 July 2014, with the overall objective to perform a “high level exploration through high level experts” of the requirements and implications of IoT, the relations between IoT and M2M, what standards are needed, and the business models they contribute to enabling as well as the policy issues triggered by “all things connected”.

The workshop intends to bring together different perspectives (industry from the supply and user sides, public policies, research, SDOs, national initiatives, etc.) and explorer how IoT technological building blocks will be assembled to create ecosystems- and how standards can support this.

Capitalizing on its work on Connected Objects (machine to machine) and the M2M platform, ETSI will act as a standardisation hub, in connection with relevant players on a global scale.

In this context, the workshop is a stock taking exercise of the requirements from various sectors (industry and public sector):

1) What markets want and need? Requirements that shape the market

  • Use cases
  • Business cases
  • Policy requirements

2) How standards can help? Explore where standards are needed, standards and interoperability.

3) The platform How ETSI M2M platform (Smart M2M and OneM2M) can deliver.

Please download the event draft agenda.
Participants will be asked to actively participate to the brainstorming sessions. 
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