oneM2M Showcase / ETSI M2M Workshop

  • 09 - 11 December 2014Add this to my calendar
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  • Sophia Antipolis, Franceexpand

ETSI, as a partner in oneM2M was proud to organize two Machine to Machine related events:

Both events took place in the newly refurbished ETSI premises, in Sophia Antipolis in the South of France.

The oneM2M Showcase was hosted at ETSI on Tuesday 9 December 2014 and took place immediately prior to the ETSI M2M Workshop.

As oneM2M was about to deliver its first full Candidate Release specifications for public comment during August 2014, oneM2M was pleased to organize its first oneM2M Showcase. 

With over 200 member companies contributing to its work, 7 leading ICT standards organizations and 5 global fora participating, oneM2M has broad industry support. This was the first occasion to understand the capabilities enabled by this first release, to hear about the M2M deployment issues which oneM2M aims to resolve, and to see the detailed results of the project. In addition, a series of demonstrations were planned which have showcased oneM2M-based solutions in action. Each demonstration focused on one or more capabilities of the first release of oneM2M specifications and many demonstrations involved more than one member of oneM2M.

Highlights of the oneM2M Showcase were to:

  • Understand the issues with large-scale M2M deployments and how oneM2M can help resolve then
  • Find out more about the unique technical solution offered by oneM2M
  • Explore the key features of the first release of oneM2M specifications
  • Discover how oneM2M can map and interoperate with other M2M protocols and solutions
  • Meet some of the 200 companies who have contributed to oneM2M’s success
  • See live demonstrations of oneM2M specifications in action

List of oneM2M Showcases:

  • Showcase A: oneM2M/ESMIG Home Energy Management showcase
  • Showcase B: Vehicle to Home Solution – Cross Vertical Application via Horizontal oneM2M Platform
  • Showcase C: Smart City Services and Multiple Service Layer Platforms Interworking
  • Showcase D: oneM2M enriched personal life
  • Showcase E: oneM2M-based Continua Compliant Healthcare System and Interworking of Multiple oneM2M Service Layer Platforms
  • Showcase F: Connected Vehicle Cloud based on oneM2M platform
  • Showcase G: oneM2M Business Application across multiple use cases and market segments

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The ETSI M2M Workshop followed the oneM2M Showcase and took place on Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 December 2014.
The workshop was endorsed by oneM2M.

Workshop programme

  • M2M deployment
  • The path towards IoT
  • Smart and sustainable cities
  • Presentations on Standards
  • Semantics
  • Evolution around M2M

Download the programme and the Speakers' biographies

  • Get an update on the current status of Machine to Machine standardization, in particular the results of the oneM2M project and the evolution of ETSI Smart M2M
  • Get answers to questions such as:
    - What the impact of the oneM2M specifications will be? 
    - Who will deploy them? Who are the key players? Why migrate to horizontal standardized M2M solutions?
    - What benefits would the oneM2M specifications bring?
  • Get an overview of the M2M business from the point of view of telecom network operators and industry alliances
  • Gain better understanding of the economics and business models of M2M rollout & deployment
  • Get an insight into future evolution in relationship with the Internet of Things

M2M Workshop Programme Committee

  • Marylin Arndt, ETSI Smart M2M Chairman, Orange
  • Omar Elloumi, Alcatel-Lucent, vice-chairman Smart M2M, oneM2M Architecture WG Chair
  • François Ennesser, Gemalto, oneM2M Security WG Chair
  • Ray Forbes, Ericsson, vice-chairman Smart M2M, oneM2M Protocols WG Chair
  • Seoungmyeong Jeong, LGE
  • Patricia Martigne, Orange, oneM2M Management, Abstraction and Semantics WG Vice Chair
  • Enrico Scarrone, Telecom Italia, vice-chairman Smart M2M, oneM2M Method of Work AHG Convenor
  • Joerg Swetina, NEC, oneM2M Requirements WG Vice Chair

List of ETSI M2M demonstrations

  • Actility: Application of ETSI technologies for wide area network low power radio communications in the city
  • Intecs: BETaaS - a novel approach into Smart City daily life
  • Orange: 1rst ETSI M2M dId implementation to integrate a generic dongle supporting 3 protocols : Zigbee, Zwave and WMBus

Organisation Committee / Secretariat Support

  • Nathalie Guinet & Aurélie Sfez, ETSI Events 
  • Ultan Mulligan, ETSI Communications
  • Laurent Velez, ETSI, Centre for Testing and Interoperability
  • Laurent Vreck, ETSI, Technical Officer