9th ETSI Security Workshop

This annual ETSI Security Workshop has built a reputation of being a premier event on Security. It brings together the latest from those developing International Standards and security experts to discuss recent developments, share knowledge, identify gaps and co-ordinate on future actions and work areas. 

Security: To ensure the technical protection of nations, businesses and customers

Scope of the Workshop

The workshop aims at creating stimulating discussions arising from interesting contributions from those working within the areas of Security, including Privacy and Identity Management, Cybersecurity, Protection, Cloud Security, Smart Grids/Cities, Mobility, Security Criteria and Testing, Security Controls and Indicators, Machine to Machine and the latest in Security Research together with real security issues from Industry.

The event is open to all, ETSI members and non members, upon registration.

Programme Committee

  • Charles Brookson, ETSI OCG SECURITY, ZEATA Security Ltd
  • Walter Fumy, ISO
  • Slawonir Gorniak, ENISA
  • Valterri Niemi, University of Turku, Nokia Fellow
  • Carmine Rizzo, ETSI
  • Claire Vishik, Intel
  • Mike Walker, Vodafone


Session 1 Setting the Scene
Chairman: Charles Brookson, ETSI OCG SEC Chairman
09:00 Welcome and Workshop Introduction
Charles Brookson, ETSI OCG SEC Chairman
09:10 ETSI security standardization
Carmine Rizzo, ETSI
09:30 Recent developments in ISO security standardization and JTC1/SC27
Walter Fumy, ISO 
10:00 3GPP Rel-12 Security, and Future 3GPP Security Work
Bengt Sahlin, SA3 Chairman 
10:30 Coffee Break


Session 2 International Standardization
Chairman: Carmine Rizzo, ETSI
11.00 ETSI TC LI Standards Overview
Gerald McQuaid, ETSI TC LI
11:20 Smart Card Platform
Klaus Vedder, ETSI SCP
11:40 Questions and Answers
12:10 Networking lunch


Session 3 Security & Trust in Today’ Technology Context
Chairman: Claire Vishik, Intel

New look at risk analysis in smart city introducing the SECONOMICS project
Scott Cadzow, Cadzow Communications Consulting Ltd joint with Aitor M. Couce Vieira

14:10 Smart grid meets smart markets – the role of a trust(ed) infrastructure
Thomas Weishaupt, Gemalto
14:25 ACDC the European anti-botnet pilot action, preliminary results of the Advanced Cyber Defense Centre
Ulrich Seldeslachts, LSEC – Leaders In Security
14:40 Attacks on iOS with Approved Third-Party Applications
Zhou Jianying, Institute for Infocomm Research
14:55 Questions and Answers
15:15  Tea Break


Session 4 ISO-ETSI Collaboration
Chairman: Carmine Rizzo, ETSI
15:45 Security Evaluation Criteria
Miguel Banon, ISO SC27 WG3
16:00 Security SIG in MTS (Methods for Testing and Specification)
Jürgen Grossmann, ETSI TC MTS
16:15 Security Controls and Services
Marijke De Soete for Lionel Vodzislawsky, ISO SC27 WG4
16:30 Information Security Indicators
Paolo De Lutiis, ETSI ISG ISI
16:45 Identity Management and Privacy Technologies
Jan Schallaboeck, ISO SC27 WG5
17:00 Trusted Service Providers (TSP) supporting eSignatures
Andrea Caccia, ETSI STF 458
17:15 Questions and Answers
17.30 end of day 1

Session 5 CEN/CENELEC Standardization
Chairman: Luc Van den Berghe, CEN-CENELEC
09:00 An overview of security standardization activities in CEN and CENELEC
Luc Van den Bergue, CEN-CENELEC
09:20 CEN/ CENELEC/ ETSI Cyber Security Group. An update on the CSCG and the white paper
Hans von Sommerfeld - VOSDAV GmbH
09:40 RFID privacy protection
Gérard Dessenne, CENELEC
10:00 Questions and Answers
10:30 Coffee Break


Session 6 Privacy and Identity management
Chairman: Slawomir Gorniak, ENISA
11.00 Privacy by Design for Delay Tolerant Networks
Haitham Cruickshank, University of Surrey, Centre for Communication Systems Research (CCSR)
11.20 A common eIDAS specification
Jens Bender, Federal Office for Information Security (Germany)
11:40 Redesigning Personal Data Protection: a Proposal
Giovanni Bartolomeo - CNIT
12:00 Digital agreement
Riccardo Genghini, ETSI TC ESI Chairman
12:20 Questions & Answers
12:40 Networking lunch


Session 7 Global threat
Chairman: David Rogers, Copper Horse
13:40 Ontology of Cyber Crime: A Necessary Joint Effort
Shahriar Pourazin, Sepehr
14:00 Investigation of the Regional Internet Infrastructure Resilience
Rytis Rainys, Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania
14:20 The Emerging Security Assurance and Risk Management Ecosystem
Tony Rutkowski, Yaana
14:40 Questions and Answers
15:15 Tea Break
Moderator: Charles Brookson
  • David Rogers Copper Horse
  • Claire Vishik, Intel
  • Chris Mitchell, Royal Holloway University
  • Simon Hicks, Department for Business, UK Administration
    ETSI Board Member for Cybersecurity
 17.00 Workshop Closure 


The event took place at the Sophia Country Club Hotel.
Sophia Country club
3550 rte Dolines
06560 Valbonne
Tel: +33 4 92 96 68 86

Getting from the airport to the hotel

By bus: Bus n°230
Bus Stop = EGANAUDE'.
Way : around 50 min
Rate : 1.50 euros