Cloud Interoperability Week

  • 16-20 September 2013Add this to my calendar
  • Free of charge
  • Madrid, Spainexpand

This event was co-organized by ETSI, OGF, SNIA, DMTF, OASIS, OW2 and the Ocean Project.

It aimed to test the interoperability of different client and server implementations of OCCI, CDMI, OVF, CAMP and CIMI specifications, as well as some cases of multi-standards interworking. it also aimed to provide an insight into the current stat09-18e of Cloud Standards implementations and use cases and to evaluate the level of interoperability of different solutions and showcase how Cloud Standards work together.

This event continued the series of Cloud Plugfests aimed at promoting interoperability efforts on cloud standards-based software, services, frameworks, products and projects and was combined with a workshop and demonstrations.

This event was supported by the European Commission.

Several groups of test cases were offered to participants, each of them addressing a different combination of the set of standards in scope. The recorded results show that the level of interoperability of the implemented features is quite high at seventy six percent. 

The vast majority of the implementations performed well on the basic operations and there was a high level of conformance for the fully implemented features.
It was found that most of the interoperability issues were observed on early implementations where some features were not yet fully implemented. As many of the implementations at this event were prototypes where not all the features described by the base standards and covered by the test plans were implemented the success rate was higher than expected.

On Wednesday 18th September a workshop was organized to discuss cloud standardization and interoperability. The workshop started at 10:30 and ended at 18:00 after 18 presentations and 3 Q&A sessions. All the presentations from this event are available via this link:

The workshop was very well attended and there were more participants than expected with almost 60 people turning up