M2M Workshop 2013

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The 4th ETSI M2M Workshop will examine major issues facing wide-scale M2M deployment. Machine to Machine communications is the foundation layer for our future world of smart devices, smart appliances, smart homes, smart buildings and smart cities. To unlock the potential offered by M2M, we must understand and address issues related to business models and incentives, technology choices, involvement of different industry sectors, security and data privacy. We must also understand the roles of major actors and their numerous use cases.

The workshop will take place on 6-7 November 2013 in the Congress Centre of Mandelieu, France. 
Products and solutions based on ETSI’s M2M standards will be showcased as of 5 November, starting at 2pm, and throughout the duration of the workshop.


The workshop will present plans for the ETSI M2M specifications as they evolve towards the work of the oneM2M Partnership Project. It will consider how to address the standardization needs of industries specializing in smart appliances, homes & buildings. M2M brings together various industries, each with its own language and set of semantics: common language and set of semantics are prerequisite to enabling interoperability and exchange of data between devices and applications. Disparate devices and applications will need to be able to make use of the functionalities of underlying transport and access networks.

Security remains of the greatest concern in the development of new business, balanced with the need to protect the privacy & rights of individuals.

The workshop will bring together experts from both public and private sectors to discuss the recent European Commission initiatives, key global M2M implementations, major technological and social challenges, as well the specific needs expressed by the city authorities and the citizens.

Target audience

The workshop is most relevant to those who have technical management responsibility in domains such as the following:

  • M2M application development
  • M2M service development
  • M2M solution deployment
  • M2M solution integration
  • M2M testing
  • Smart devices/appliances
  • Smart buildings
  • Smart cities
  • Public policies and regulation related to M2M and Internet of Things
  • Research on M2M and IoT

Key goals of this workshop

  • Gain better understanding of the economics and business models of M2Mrollout & deployment.
  • Examine how technology and innovation will enable the smarter appliances, devices, & buildings.
  • Identify and discuss M2M technology trends, taking into account major industry initiatives.
  • Highlight the related standardization and/or pre-standardization needs, in balance with the need for integration of multiple technologies, for interoperability & regulation.

Programme Committee

  • Marylin Arndt, France Telecom, ETSI TC M2M Chairman,
  • Omar Elloumi, Alcatel-Lucent
  • Ray Forbes, Ericsson
  • Joachim Koss, Gemalto M2M, oneM2M Vice Chairman
  • Laurent Laporte, Sprint
  • Patricia Martigne, Orange
  • Enrico Scarrone, Telecom Italia, ETSI TC M2M Vice Chairman
  • Joerg Swetina, NEC
  • Laurent Velez, ETSI
  • Laurent Vreck, ETSI

This is the programme of 6th November 2013. Demonstrations will be accessible during the coffee and lunch breaks.

SESSION 1: Setting the scene
Session chair: Adrian Scrase, ETSI CTO
09:00 Welcome
Adrian Scrase, ETSI CTO
09:10 What is happening in the standards world: the global picture
Marylin Arndt, Orange, ETSI TC Smart M2M Chairwoman
09:30 ETSI M2M Release 2
Enrico Scarrone, Telecom Italia, ETSI TC Smart M2M Vice Chairman
09:50 oneM2M : an overview of the current status
Laurent Laporte, Sprint
10:10 Short introduction of demonstrations
Laurent Velez ETSI
10:20 COFFEE
in parallel with poster sessions and demonstrations
SESSION 2: Enabling technologies
Session Chair: Joerg Swetina, NEC
11:00 "IP end to end" and "simple application framework" to enable M2M / IOT interoperability
Patrick Wetterwald, IPSO
11:20 An Ontology to Semantically Annotate the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Device Measurements
Amélie Gyrard, Eurecom
11:40 One global 3G network. One global SIM
Matt Allpress, Inmarsat
12:00 Questions and Answers Session
in parallel with poster sessions and demonstrations
SESSION 3 : Security
Chaired by: Dragan Vujcic, Oberthur
14:00 Minimum security requirements for M2M gateway
Pierre Girard, Gemalto
14:20  Security-Considerations in M2M communication
Markus Tauber, AIT
14:40  Approaches for Smart Metering privacy and security in Europe
Willem Strabbing, ESMIG 
15:00 Questions and Answers Session
15:30 COFFEE
in parallel with poster sessions and demonstrations
SESSION 4 : Connectivity
Session chair: Raymond Forbes, Ericsson
16:00 Application of ETSI technologies for wide area network low power radio communications in the city
Olivier Hersent, Actility
16:20 CDMA-450: a new approach for DSO's in Europe
Gilles Robichon, Alliander
16:40 How to Reengineer the Wireless Access Protocols and Embrace Billions of M2M Devices
Petar Popovski, Aalborg University
17:00 Developing LTE into a ubiquitous wireless WAN for M2M consumer electronics devices
Matthew Webb, Sony
17:20 Questions and Answers Session
17:45 Networking Cocktail
19:30 Closure of the congress centre

This is the programme of 7th November 2013. Demonstrations will be accessible during the coffee and lunch breaks.

SESSION 5: Standards to make things happen
Session Chair: Enrico Scarrone, Telecom Italia
09:00 Standards for the grids to make it smart: where are we today?
Ray Forbes, LM Ericsson on Behalf of CEN/CENELEC/ETSI Smart Grid Coordination Group 
09:20 M2M and 4G/LTE Platform use in cooperation with ETSI
Claude Hary, Com4Innov
09:40 How standards can assist in securing M2M applications
François Ennesser, Gemalto
10:00 Questions and Answers Session
10:30 COFFEE
in parallel with poster sessions and demonstrations
SESSION 6 : Technologies to make things happen
Chaired by: Omar Elloumi, Alcatel-Lucent
11:00 OSGi based device abstraction for enabling M2M services 
Dimitar Valtchev, Prosyst Software
11:20 How Firmware-over-the-air can increase the M2M adoption 
Yoram Berholtz, RedBend Software
11:40 End2End M2M Platforms and Services 
Ulrich Keuling, TINRW, Telematics Initiative
12:00 Questions and Answers Session
in parallel with poster sessions and demonstrations
SESSION 7: Smart city and Services
Chaired by: Patricia Martigne, Orange
14:00 Inhouse Smart Grid
Mathias Frass, Beuth Hochshule für Technik Berlin
14:20 HGI's work to specify a Smart Home Abstraction Layer
Lindsay Frost, on behalf of HGI
14:40 Enabling Smart Cities through a Cognitive Management Framework for the Internet of Things
Gianmarco Baldini, JRC European Commission
15:00 Questions and Answers Session
15:30 Session on Industry trends for M2M
Chaired by: Omar Elloumi, Alcatel-Lucent

Review of the results of the opinion poll run during the workshop and comments on those by:
- Olivier Hersent, CEO and founder of Actility
- Laurent Laporte, Sprint, Technology Development Strategist
- Nicolas Damour, Senior Business Innovation Development Manager, Sierra Wireless
- Patrick Wetterwald, IOT Architecture and Standard, Cisco

16:30 Closing coffee

 Poster sessions and demonstrations will be shown during the breaks of the event.


Demonstrations of ETSI M2M Solutions

From 5th November afternoon, throughout the entire workshop (6 and 7 November), the following demonstrations were performed:

Actility : ThingPark Store® : The first ETSI M2M Application Store and Market Place for Service Providers and Utilities
Bull SAS : Cloud based ETSI M2M architecture by Bull
Eclipse Foundation: Eclipse M2M Greenhouse Demo
Ericsson : Secure M2M Cloud Testbed Demo
Fraunhofer FOKUS and Technical University of Berlin (joint demo): From Smart Home to Smart City: M2M Prototyping Using the OpenMTC Toolkit
Gemalto: M2M Remote Provisioning System of embedded UICC
GridPocket and Sagemcom: Behavioral and home control application in ETSI M2M
IBM: IoT/M2M API Framework on connected car 
Inmarsat: Remote Data monitor
InterDigital Communications LLC: A multi-vertical / multi-vendor ETSI M2M compliant end-to-end Service Delivery Platform.
LAAS-CNRS: OM2M- Open autonomic and semantic M2M platform
Orange: Identification, self-configuration and control of physical entities through a generic abstraction layer
Sierra Wireless: The connected greenhouse – an end-to-end M2M application

More information on the M2M Interoperability Demos 2013 can be requested from [email protected].

Poster Sessions

The following posters sessions took place during the coffee and lunch breaks throughout the workshop:

1. BETaaS: Building the Environment for the Things as a Service (EU FP7-ICT-2011-8 n. 317674)

2. EU FP7 project PowerUp and beyond
Andres Caldevilla, DENSO AUTOMOTIVE Deutschland GmbH

3. PRICE PROJECT: M2M communications architecture for large-scale AMI deployments
Gregorio Lopez, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid